Just Do It

My critical thinking class… Oh, I will never forget the semester when I took that subject in UST. I like my professor there, Ms. Dela Cruz. I may not remember all the topics in St. Thomas in Critical Thinking that she discussed but I very well remembered all the lessons in life that she shared with us, her students. One of it is the tagline of the brand, Nike, “Just do it”. She said that its message was beautiful and relevant in life. According to her, whenever we think of doing something but are faced in a dilemma of doing it or not, most often than not, we ended up not doing it. The only thing that’s stopping us is fear. She said that sometimes in life, we need to just do it. Just do it! Because the voice inside you is the only one that stops you from living the life you imagined. If your dreams are bigger than your fears, then you have to overcome your fears and… Just do it!

More than being able to think critically, I have a lot of life lessons learned. It’s funny because aside from the topics for the day that Ms. Dela Cruz were discussing, I was also jotting down quotable quotes from her book of life lessons. Just like these:

“Do not follow the majority, dare to be different! (She said this with conviction.)
Give and give until it hurts. Until it hurts no more. You will no longer feel the pain because you are one with it

I just love the fact that every one of us has the opportunity to influence, motivate and inspire other people in one way or another, just like Ms. Dela Cruz. One of my dreams is to be able to do the same. I do not need to be a professor, teacher or a celebrity to influence others. I just have to be me. Maybe one of the reasons why I put up this blog and share the life changing lessons from the people that I have come across with in my life.

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