Sanggala Mountaineers’ Outreach Program in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija

sanggala outreach

Being a Novo Ecijano (a person who grew up in the province of Nueva Ecija), I will always call it my home wherever other places I may have been in the past or will be going in my life in the future. It’s a sanctuary, it’s where I learned to dream and to pursue my dreams. Through the simplicity of life in the province, I had appreciated even the smallest thing that can make a person happy.

After finding out that the Sanggala Mountaineers will be having their 3rd Outreach Program in one of the barangays in Brgy. Camachile, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija, I immediately volunteered to blog about it. The group will be assisted by the municipal government of Gabaldon for the information and coordination with the barangay. Municipal Coordinator, Mr. Chito dela Cruz, suggested some items to be donated such as rice, canned goods, noodles, soap and medicines. These things are necessary especially for the most oppressed family in the area.

Sanggala Mountaineers group is accepting rice, noodles, canned goods, medicines, hygiene kit, etc. for the outreach program.

They are also seeking for some health professionals like doctors, dentists, nurses and specialists to practice their profession by serving the people.

Here is the demographic data of the barangay.

Families/ Household: 144

Population: 580

Males: 310

Females: 270

Primary source of income: Farming (80%)

About the group:

Sanggala was founded in June 2014 and humbly means isang gala, saan ang gala or the expression pusang gala. 

Please click on the link to join and know more about the outreach program.

Everyone is welcome to serve. It is true that when you spend your time with people, you are sharing a part of your life that can be never be brought back, living life in a meaningful way.

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