Fearless 2015

I can still remember the quote in my grade 3 GMRC book. It says, “Life is a complex web of varied experiences that makes it all worthwhile.”

I still feel uneasy and there is this strange feeling whenever the people I know get to read my blog posts. It’s because for the longest time, I kept this hidden for myself. It’s like a part of me is being shown, that I strip off the layers of myself to expose the core. It’s showing my vulnerability.

In my previous blog posts, years ago, were my dreams and everything that inspired and motivated me. There were also posts about my fears, the reasons behind my smile and also moments that I got sad and hurt. Who doesn’t feel sad, get hurt, get rejected, or fail in life? Please find comfort in knowing that others experience the same. For as long as we do not give up, we are perfectly fine.

It’s been halfway of the year 2015, how am I doing so far? I just thought last month of calling this year as Fearless 2015, as I have decided to publicize this blog. This time, I’m blogging to promote events, new products, books etc., just like what other bloggers do. It’s because 5 years ago, when I created this blog, it’s more of like an online journal where I poured my thoughts and frustrations in life, the reason I do not tell others I have a blog.

But this time, it’s different. It’s about becoming fearless in life by showing our true self instead of hiding who we really are. One reason also that I decided to publicize this blog is because of The Parable of Talent that I read online. In the parable, I learned that our talent shouldn’t be hidden away. Our talent is meant to be nurtured. It is meant to be shared. Or else, that talent may be taken away from us. I’m not saying that writing is my talent, but I believe what I am capable of doing is a gift from God. I know there are other bloggers who write better, but that reality humbles me to just to do my best.

With the remaining 5 1/2 months of 2015, I do not know what will happen. Let us just be excited of life’s little and big surprises. The fact that we do not know what will happen in the future is what gives us hope. And it is the HOPE for the amazing things that is yet to come. 🙂

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