The best definition of Optimism I heard…

When I reviewed my Culture and Communications Training (CCT) notes from my previous job in preparation of me, taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as a requirement for my application abroad, I stumbled with the quotes my trainer, “Laeden” mentioned during the training. I can still remember the time my trainer mentioned the quote, what she said was very deep that’s why I wrote it in my notebook.

“Optimism means to move forward beyond hurt.”

Ever since I was young, the only definition of optimism I know is “to be positive”. It’s about positive thinking. But hearing the definition of Laeden, optimism has taken a different toll. The word became a lot deeper than I knew before. It means anyone who has moved forward, even if they think they aren’t optimistic in life, we can uplift their spirit and tell them that they are indeed optimistic. Whenever we are hurt, it can break our spirit, but moving on from the unpleasant experience, a brave soul, has arisen. Moving forward beyond hurt without the assurance that next time, it’ll be different, that this time, it’ll be correct, that in the future, things will work out, that in the coming days, the situation will be different. So moving forward, every time we wake up is another form of optimism, knowing that life goes on whenever we are hurt. 🙂

P.S. I’ll be posting more in the coming days, as I need to practice my writing and English skills for the IELTS (plus I really miss blogging). I’m planning to do self-review for the exam. It’s not that I’m becoming complacent or what, but there’s this inner voice telling me that this is the best thing to do. I’m planning to take the exam before reaching my first anniversary at work, probably on July or August of this year. The exam is quite costly that’s why I really need to prepare not to put my hard-earned money into waste. Next post? About my Malaysia and Australia trip last year. Yeah, I know it’s too late. But it’s better late than never. Happy blogging! 🙂 Optimism

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