Putting the pieces back together (SFC West B1-A February 2012 Prison Service)

It was my first time to attend the service of the Prison Ministry.  It was Sunday, Feb 9, 2012. Call time, 7.30am in DLTB Bus Terminal in Buendia.

Being able to serve inside the Bilibid Prison, Medium security camp is something I would never thought as, possible. But God is really great in making things happen.

The highlight of the service was the activity prepared by the West B1 A Prison Ministry head Bro. Kimm. Our fellow SFCs inside the Bilibid were asked to make a dream board of how they would perceive themselves in the future. I saw in their faces the excitement in working with their dream board. One drew a house in a farm, free and living simply with his loved ones. Some made use of the pictures cut from newspapers and magazines.

They shared with their discussion group what were in their dream board.  After sharing with one another, the facilitators were asked to collect the dream board per group. Then with the instruction from Bro. Kimm, the facilitators tore all the dream board. Not only the inmates were shocked by the action but also some of us, service team who were not aware that it will be done.


All would like to know the reason why the dream board has to be torn. For sure, there must be a great explanation behind the action. It was disheartening for the inmates to see it torn into pieces.

The implication….

This was it. The inmates have visions in their mind of a good life in the future. But those dreams were destroyed because of the different circumstances that made them went inside the Bilibid. But being an SFC, and having a deeper relationship with God gave them realizations to put the pieces of their dreams in life back together, and likewise, the pieces of their dream board back together. It was a lesson for everyone. One’s life doesn’t need to stop because he/she has committed a mistake. It is not yet the end and that we can always start from where we are now. Everyone is entitled for that second chance.

Bro. Kimm’s explanation, “Sa pagpasok nyo dito, nasira ang mga pangarap nyo, pero sa pagmamahal sa atin ni God at sa second chance na binigay Nya, buuin nyo ulit ang mga pangarap nyo, at panghawakan hanggang sa paglabas nyo dito”.

The inmates were touched at the moment. That is something that ALL of us will never forget for the rest of our lives. The service team of SFC West B1-A went home inspired and blessed because of another heartfelt service done for the glory of God.

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