Never stop exploring…


It is the theme of the clothing brand “The North Face”. That line caught my attention when I found the paper bag in our home. I haven’t seen any North Face boutique, but now, wanting to see one. When I saw the paper bag, I know, that message is for me. Berna, never stop exploring. Follow your heart.


I’m now in the age where I can decide on my own and choose whatever path I want to take. I’m just excited to explore and try many things. The time where parents let their children fly on their own, trusting that past experiences and learning will be their number 1 weapon in surviving the open jungle called life.


It was my rest day from work last night, that’s why I was able to watch a movie in the laptop. One line in the movie caught my attention, “Do not follow your heart because it can be deceived, but instead, lead your heart”. Sometimes, I agree here.  If the situation is something that you are committed to do, but you don’t want to continue anymore, yes, you have to lead your heart for what is right. Just like in marriage, if ever a couple feel like not wanting to be together anymore, they shouldn’t give up easily because they made a vow to God for a lifelong commitment. It warrants couples to lead their hearts and stick together no matter what. But if you are not committed to a certain situation, and your heart says choose another path, and then it’s perfectly fine to follow your heart. For example in a career to take, there is what we call, late bloomers. Meaning, they are able to realize what they want to do in life in a later age.  They suddenly decided they love writing and wanted to be a writer, or they’re into music and wanted to be a musician, or love dancing, etc.


We are all entitled for our own happiness. Instead of being unhappy and dragging yourself into something you do not like, let’s enjoy life! Everyone deserves all the bliss, and every good thing in this world.


One reflection I got from my favourite blogger, Tom Basson, he asked, “What makes you come alive, and then go do that”.


What are the reasons you wake up each morning? What makes you smile? What makes you feel good about? What do you look forward to in the future? Why are you striving even if it’s hard? Why do you stick into hardships wherein you can go into easy way?


I already have clear answers in all these. In this journey, we want to grow, to mature, to learn and to be strong. Because the pain, hardships, and waiting are all worth it in the end.


For every goals we have, and in this life’s journey, every experience counts. So, never stop exploring. 🙂


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