Inlove with words

Living up to the confusion

Seems like self  is takin’ so long

Why do these things have to happen

Seeking the heart

Seeking the self

As I lay my feet to the ground

Of the journey that’s still one of a kind

Will I try?

Will I walk to the new direction

Crossing new place

Engaging in a new world

Smiling in new faces.

Oh what do i got to do

Confusion’s taking me so long

But self, always remember

Whatever it is

A better person, is what you will be

For every hardships and challenges

It’s for you to keep

‘Cause pain creates wonders within.

-We may have failed a thousand times, we may stumble and fall every now and then, it’s the rise everytime we fall hard on the ground that matters. I’m so inlove with words and advices. Another important thing I learned from my other trainer: Whatever it is that we experience, it will always make us a better person. Learning new things and experiencing difficulties, in all these, we will grow as a person. My trainers don’t only teach us skills and give us knowledge, but the emotional needs and motivation are shared as well.

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