Last points (or else I won’t sleep)

Before going to sleep,I just want to write a very quick post. I love the advice our trainer said to us last friday. We’ve already finished one training from my seasonal work, and unfortunately, I’ve had colleagues who didn’t make it. And her advice is that, whatever the result of the training is, for those who didn’t pass, we should not think that the value of one person depends on the result. She is very motivating. I got her message straight to my heart. Same is through with other circumstances in life, if we didn’t pass the job interview, were rejected by the ones we love, got hurt, been ignored, failed in school, failed in the board exam, these things will not and will never determine our self value. These things may happen, but maybe, they are not meant for us, and/or the timing isn’t right. And God has other plans that’s way better than what we desire. That’s all. Good night! 🙂 (Now I need to sleep, training for tomorrow will start at 7am :p)

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