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Let’s take a little time to breathe.

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Inhale… Exhale…

Inhale… Exhale…

Inhale… Exhale…


These were the instructions shouted to us by our PE teachers during stretching and before allowing us to start any sport or activities requiring physical power. Breathing exercises are always part of the stretching. Why? Stretching serves as the starter. It stretches our muscles a little and prepares them for an upcoming vigorous activity. So as not to strain and cause cramps which would affect our physical condition later on.


Same as through with life, sometimes we really need time to breathe for a while. We need time to rest to prepare ourselves for our next endeavor. I wanna share a brief “what’s-goin’-on-story” about my life right now. I am expecting to start my training for my next job today, June 8, 2012. Today’s really the schedule. But last Monday, I received a call from them saying that due to many activities, they’ve decided to postpone the training on June 29.  So, it’s like almost a month of waiting. After the call, the thought sinked in. So I’ll be vacant for a month. I shared it to a friend from my previous company, and he said, “Ah… Ok lang yan, mahirap dn magsimula agad, hinga hinga muna bago sumabak uli”.  No ifs, no buts… I replied, “Sige na nga, hindi na ko magmamadali. I’ll take my time”. He’s right. He shared his experience of transferring from one to job to the next one without taking a rest and he would not want me to experience it. Considering that it’ll be a comeback to my real profession, so I really need some adjustment. His advice gave me a reassurance that it’s just okay, i don’t need to rush things.


So while waiting, I’m thinking of enhancing my skill in one field I’m passionate about. Hmm… I wanna call these moments,  “productive and purposeful waiting”. 🙂

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