What a journey it has been…

As they say, it’s not the destination but the journey that counts the most. The reality that brings us excitement is that everyday surprises us with the innocence of  whom we’ll bump into and what situation we’ll encounter.

Everytime I go to Makati, from the house to our head office I usually rush, so I ride on the MRT.

But after office, at 5.30pm, I don’t mind taking the long cut, even if it takes 2 hours travel on my way home. For as long as I can avoid the MRT, I will. I usually take the LRT because the situation is more tolerable even though it’s farther. And sometimes, when I feel so tired and disappointed and stressed, I ride on the jeepney from Gil Puyat Station to Blumentritt Dimasalang. Then have another long jeepney ride from Blumentritt to home in Caloocan City. The travel time usually takes 3 hours. I prefer it, rather than go through the hassle of taking MRT. (This is not a practical idea. I rarely do this.)

 On my way to the office through MRT, my imagination is always working. Once I get into the train, I will only look at the window, and in an instant, my wide imagination starts to operate. (But I’m still vigilant from pickpockets) For example, envisioning myself traveling in European countries or walking in the mountain slopes of Poland, Scotland or New Zealand (the simple life I always dream), being recognized by my bosses at work, qualifying for the trip incentives, etc. That’s what I like about taking the long cut, I have time to imagine. I have time to dream of the best things I could possibly have, of the opportunities coming, of the places I’ll visit, of friends, strangers and special people I’ll meet in my life.

I want to dream… ‘Cause it’s free.

Every day is a journey, all the people we met in the past, all the acquaintances who made us smile and laugh, and our family and friends who stayed with us had made our lives fruitful, memorable, worth living and cherishing.

 You? What do you imagine when you are in a journey? 🙂

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