I really miss blogging!

I wrote the italicized part of this post while at work. I have internet connection at work but  the web search is just limited to 3 sites. These sites are all work related. If I type google or wordpress or facebook, what will appear is a blocking rule, “not work-related site”. Yeah, it’s really corny. So whenever I feel like blogging, I’ll just open my microsoft word, and boom! Goes all my out-of-this-world ideas, thoughts, imagination, dreams, fantasy, etc! Grrrr!  My flash disk is now full of wordpress articles waiting to be published!

I really miss blogging!!! I haven’t entered the World Wide Web for the past 2 weeks. Last week, my brother asked me if he could borrow the laptop and broadband and bring them to his dorm. So since then, I have no internet access. But I still want to write. So during my free time at work, I pour down all the ideas and thoughts in mind. And everyday, I was able to create articles for my blog. So sad, I can’t post them after I had created them. But no worries, when I get the laptop back, I will post it to my blog right away. (May 31, 2011)

I now had my laptop back. Just today. Hmmm…. Having no internet connection for the past 3 weeks is really frustrating. I can’t read blogs. I can’t publish blogs. I am hooked in blogging. It’s my stress reliever, my past time. It keeps my mind  working. And to all the few visitors of this blog site, and if it happens you like my post, please send me a personal message. I would highly appreciate it. Thank you.

I just got back from Cebu last Sunday for vacation. Also went in Villa Escudero last May 21 for our company outing. I have lots of experiences from those trips. I’ll post a blog about them in a few days. So many things had happen to me in the past 3 weeks. I can’t wait to share them. 🙂

5 thoughts on “I really miss blogging!

  1. beys ako sa blog mo…. hello berna… oh ayan nakita ko na blog mo ha… di mo sinabi na nosebleed blog ka din…. just enjoy blogging. welcome to wordpress family. God bless….

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