What’s behind the clean up?

I did a productive thing today, my household chores. Actually, I’m doing it every week but what sets it different from the previous weeks is that a while ago, I made an extra effort to clean more spots in our house. Timing I was the only one at home. Through that, I can move our stuffs where  I want to place them while cleaning. After cooking food for lunch and washing the dishes, I started my general cleaning. First,  I swept the floor, then arranged our things, brushed the sink and the comfort room, its tiles, then cleaned our huge mirror (it’s a parlor mirror). I brushed the tiles so hard.

I realized that I don’t exercise anymore for the past few months (except for brisk walking every morning to avoid late at work). I was asking my friends to come with me to jog but everything is still a plan. Cleaning is a good exercise. It’s a work out. My hands, forearms, legs, thighs, waist were all physically moving. And I was sweating. Whew! It’s a nice feeling.

There are thoughts which are bothering me for the past few weeks. And I came across an idea that for me to release all my frustrations, I should be preoccupied both physically and mentally. While doing the chores, my body was physically moving, my mind was concentrated on the task, but there were still times when the thought lingered on my mind. But no longer that often. I knew this idea of mine will work because I already did this technique. Something’s also bothering me years ago. I went to my bed to rest, the thought haunted me a lot more than often. I was just lazily lying when I noticed our house was messy. Then I went up on bed, got the broom, and started my “frustration-diverting-task”.  And my! For 4 hours, I forgot what’s bothering me! I didn’t even notice that I’m not thinking of my worries anymore.

Cleaning is a good diverting factor. Plus, you’ll be proud of seeing your house tidy and you were the one who cleaned it. 🙂

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