An open letter to God

Dear God.

It is such a difference that I am able to smile again and for the longest time, sincerely to other people.  It’s really something that is not easily obtained.  I remember in one of my grade school subject, GMRC, which stands for Good Manners and Right Conduct. It says there that peace in a spiritual concept is having a good relationship with the Lord. I really get emotional when I think of You, just like at this moment. I can feel You. You’re here beside me, comforting and embracing me. I love you Lord. My heart is bursting with love for you. I’ve never felt this ever in the past 20 years.  I can feel what you want to address me.  You want me to trust you. You want me to cry, and let my emotions run through. You want me to cry my heart out, to wail, to do whatever so I can let my feelings be out and not to hold back. Why did it take a long time before I appreciate You. I knew you before, but what I knew about you is just superficial. I prayed to you before, but sometimes, I don’t mean them. Can you forgive me for that? I know, without even asking for forgiveness, you had already forgiven me. You are so kind. Am I worthy of all Your sacrifices? Lord, please help me be a good Catholic. Please allow me to be your follower.  May I turn out to be the person that you want me to be. Please let me shine. With your grace, I know everything will be alright, as you have always comforted me.  Please, help me to smile every day and to give people the sincerest smile they can ever receive from a person. I promise, from now on, I’ll talk to You more often. I’ll go to church not to do my obligation as a Catholic but to see You when I miss You.

Love Berna.

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