Free-flowing words unexpectedly written

Random Poetry

Why am I staring at nowhere?

Why am I smiling with no reason you could see?

I know why…

Still in denial of the feelings for one person

The person who has awaken my soul

The person who has brought my mind back to its consciousness

He put flame in my what-is-presently-sleeping inner desires

The desire to inspire, to give love and to share what I’ve got.

Silently staring the clouds and the birds in the sky

The moon and the stars at night

Dreaming of the universe and the eternity

The destiny and the fate it brings.

All could sum up with just you and me.

Thinking of the boy across the mile

When will it be?

When can it be you and me?

As half the world is sleeping

I stare at the ceiling

Hallucinating that I see your image across the dark surrounding.

With your sincere smile

And your warm touch

The meaningful words that come out of your mouth

The self-captivating ideas that you write

No one will not fall on your simplicity and depth

You definitely kept my spirit alive

You touched my soul

You warmed my heart

You gave vision in my mind

You put hope in my life.

You are simply amazing.

You are simply the best.

And as the leaves of the trees sway in the direction of the wind

As the water in the river continues to flow

As the destiny takes you away from me

I won’t go with the flow

I won’t follow its direction

And one thing is certain…

My feelings continue to flow for you

My mind will always wander to the direction towards you.

So I’ll keep smiling

Hoping that one day, someday, I’ll cross your path again

At that time, if ever you have uncertainties

Then you saw me smiling

I know you will smile back, radiantly

At least, at that very moment, I was able to enlighten your face

True enough with the saying,

Smile and the world will smile at you.

So take care my prince, with a charming smile

If you felt something upon reading this

Then maybe, I am referring to you

And maybe, you are my inspiration.

So follow your heart and I’ll follow mine

Do not be afraid to fall in love

I’m not asking you to put your eyes on me

But I’m asking you to give yourself a chance.

Allow yourself to be happy.

And just let your happiness overpowers your worries.


***  This poem was written by myself in a wrong place at the wrong time but not with a wrong reason.

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