Prince William and I

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching. The whole world will be watching into what is called “The wedding of the Century”. It is scheduled tomorrow, April 29, 2011.

But what does a typical Filipino know about the Royal Family? Who is Prince William? Why is the whole world interested in them, even us here in the Philippines, knowing that it is a thousand miles away from our land?

I’m going to write all I know about Prince William.

I’ve heard the name Prince William when I was still young. Everything started in the end, the end of the life of one of the most influential people in his life. I get to familiarize with his family during the death of her mother, Princess Diana on August 1997. She was hailed, “The People’s Princess”. At that time, I was only 9 years old. But I can vividly remember the videos and news footage in the TV covering the fatal car accident that claimed the life of the princess in Paris, France. As a 9-year- old child (I think I was in grade 3 then), I just watched silently about the news, I was not affected because I don’t know her at all. But one thing remained in my mind, the name “Princess Diana”. And so my life moved on. I graduated elementary, then went to high school in that same school. One day, I was finding something in my sister’s closet, when I saw several magazines about Princess Diana. There, as I turned the pages of the magazine, my curiosity led to admiration. The magazine featured her wedding with Prince Charles, her life before the wedding (she was then, a pre school teacher), her wonderful deeds, her charitable works. She was admired as a mother for her two sons, Prince William (the heir) and Prince Harry (the spare). She wanted her children to live a life as normal as possible. She would take them to the amusement parks, eat in the fastfood, and walk in the park. Of course, in disguise. She was well-loved not only by the British, but by the whole world. She has done a lot of charitable deeds. She fed the hungry, embraced the people with AIDS, shook hands of the leper, caress the sick child. Her idealism was clear to everyone. She has visited places with landmines (she was totally against it), has fed the poorest of the poor in Africa and other countries. Indeed, her compassion to the needy is unquestionable. Her inner kindness and purity of heart were mirrored through her acts. And so, when she died, the whole world mourned. Even before her engagement with Prince Charles (the heir to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II), the public was already interested in her. Just like Kate Middleton, as the fiancée of Prince William, with paparazzi that always follow her. Princess Diana was called the “Most photographed woman in the world”. In everything that she did before, expect paparazzi nearby, taking her pictures, as it was sold to the newspaper and broadsheet, very expensively. The reason was because people wanted to know what’s she’s doing, where she’d go, what she eats, what she thinks, etc.

After the passing of Princess Diana, the limelight was turned to her children, most especially to Prince William. He was deemed as “the world’s most eligible royal bachelor”. Girls are running after him knowing that whoever it is that he chooses to marry, will become a princess and eventually, a queen when he ascended to the throne. The royal family is a true fairy tale. Their lives are fairy-tale brought into reality. I must admit, that as a teenager, in one of my wildest imagination, that someday, I would be crossing the path of Prince Harry as we have a closer age than Prince William. And as I remember it now, it sounds so silly. And so again, my life moved on, I graduated in high school in Nueva Ecija and went to Manila to study for college. I’ve come to forget about my fascination of Prince Harry and the whole Royal family as I was struggling to pass my major subjects in college. I think I was in 3rd year college when I saw the news of the woman that Prince William is dating and her name is Kate Middleton. At that time, there was still no confirmation of their relationship, it was all speculation, you know, the media thing. And then again, my life went on, I graduated college, B.S. Nursing, took the board exam and passed it with flying colours. Then 2 weeks after the release of the board exam result, I applied for work, got hired and still in the company until now. Well anyway, I heard the news last year after I went home from work, I think it was October when the official announcement was made about the engagement of Prince William and Kate and their wedding that is scheduled the following April 2011. Then I silently told myself, this is it. It’s real. Kate has found her prince. The prince has found his princess. I’m excited for their wedding. It’s a once in a lifetime event. When Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married on 1981, I was not born yet. And now, their son, whom I think is we’re of the same generation, will be tying the knot with the woman who’ll be by his side in every step of the way. I’ll be able to witness a royal wedding live on TV. I may not be there physically in Westminster Abbey, but my sincere hope, is for Prince William and Kate to be happy together in everyday of their lives and for their marriage to last a lifetime. I envy those who are in London, for they get to watch the wedding and be part of not only the history of the British Monarchy but also the history of the modern century.

Well. That’s it. That is Prince William and I’s story. He, living a very public life in London as the second in line to the throne, and me as an ordinary Filipino citizen. Here I am, taking chances in my life, trying other fields, hoping that one day, I’ll be able to find my niche. What are my realizations then, that even if William is a prince, and I, as an ordinary person, we are human beings who experience happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety, jealousy, disappointment, etc. In his case, on the divorce of his parents, and on the death of his mother. We only have one life to live, so might as well live it happily, peacefully and contentedly. This is not measured on one’s status, but by the experiences that one has in living a life in this world and using the gifts from God to re-evaluate what really is our purpose in life.

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