Message to self

This article goes out to all who are hurting, devastated, emotionally-in-pain, broken and to those who feel empty inside. This could also be a message to myself, in times of uncertainties, and if ever I’ll face another trial as heavy as the world carried on my shoulders. I wrote this last July 12, 2010; 11:38pm. I cannot sleep then. These words came out of my mind. Maybe because, these are the things that I want to tell myself. If moving on in life and acceptance is just as easy as 1,2,3… then, people wouldn’t have to spend countless sleepless nights, they wouldn’t have to shed bucket of tears, then they wouldn’t have to pity themselves. If only it is easy. Then everyone would be smiling.

So (say your name):

                You have to let go of your feelings. Surely, it hurts and it will hurt even more if you keep it hidden inside. No one has told you that life is easy. So why are you crying? Did you expect that the journey is smooth sailing? You have to realize that every morning you wake up, is another chance to make a difference in your life. Aren’t you tired of crying your heart out alone? Look. Weeping won’t make any difference in whatever load you are carrying. Why not start accomplishing the handwritten goals in your planner. You may feel that sometimes, you’re running out of time to accomplish them. Forget everything that I said earlier, but keep this one thing in mind. Hope! Don’t ever lose hope in your heart and in your mind. Hope that one of these days, you’ll forget the heartaches of your past love. Hope that you’ll be able to forgive the persons who have hurt you. Hope for a change within you. Hope for the goodness in the world and in all the creatures that God has created. So as when you travel to explore the beauty of Earth, you can stand confidently in a strange place, safe and sound. Explore all possibilities. Get to know yourself ever more. Be open. We’ll never know what the fate has in stored for you. So smile. Show the world your sweet smile. Help lighten the darkness in other people’s lives. If you can avoid being sad, why not avoid it? Or else, when you get old, you’ll be in despair. And we don’t want that. Happiness is a choice. Do things because you want to grow in every aspects of your life and not to prove anyone your worth. So, rest. Sleep peacefully this night, because tomorrow, there will be another YOU. A value-driven, strong, superb YOU!


Nice message! I read this whenever I feel like giving up.  Whenever I feel down, whenever I experience difficulties in life, for example, in school when I was still studying, and now, at work. I’m not a quitter! That’s for sure. It’s one thing that I can proudly say about myself.

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