“Walang Forever” Movie Experience


I just watched earlier the movie Walang Forever together with my 2 close friends. This post is not meant to give quick facts or information about the movie but to share feelings and emotions that I felt during and after watching the film.

I chose Walang Forever out of all the MMFF entries because I always go with the movie that I know I can relate to and because the title captured my imagination. What was this movie about? I wondered.

Being more than half past my 20s, the struggle at this age is about being in a relationship and finding “The One”. This is the age when a person is already a young professional, already certain of his/her career path, but having this certainty lacks him or her in another aspect which is the lovelife.

A year ago, I had a conversation with someone who had broken up with his long time girlfriend. I asked him with that experience, what has love taught him? He jokingly said, “Walang Forever!” I laughed and immediately replied, “Grabe ka naman.” He then gave a serious answer. He said, “You have to be the best person for each other.” It left questions in my mind. I didn’t ask him to elaborate more. I just thought that in the future, I’ll figure it out. This I still have to ponder in the days to come.

This is not a movie about bitterness of the characters over their failed relationship. It is romantic and hilarious and at the same time, a tear-jerker (my friends cried). I didn’t cry in the drama scenes because I was overwhelmed with the romantic and funny moments of the movie. I admit to giggle from time to time and had that smile on my face from the start till the end.

This is a different kind of love story. It’s timely, relatable and captivating. It is indeed a beautiful Filipino movie.