Happy Sunday!

Today is Sunday night. I came from night shift and I will be back to work tomorrow long day. It’s almost 23.00 and I don’t feel sleepy at all. The reason why I prefer day shift over night shift is that the latter changes my eating, sleeping and elimination pattern. Shifting schedules is part of my job and there’s nothing I can do about that. However on my part, what I can do is to eat healthy, exercise and have an active lifestyle.

Few thoughts…

Firstly, I booked a bank shift (OT or overtime) for tomorrow in an elderly ward. I can say that I still enjoy my job (or I am enjoying my job) because I prefer to work in a day shift weekday and I look forward to the shift and the things I will experience and learn from my work. I was actually looking earlier for available bank shifts long day in my ward because I want to work in my 2 days off. Maybe I’ll just book a shift for 1 day then rest on the 2nd day. And yes, I found a bank shift on my ward. So yeah, I am looking forward to work. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a super motivated employee. No, I’m not. There were days when I hate the circumstances that happen in my job, the times when it gets extremely busy and stressful. But oftentimes I enjoy if it’s busy because the 12.5 hour-shift goes by so fast and I feel productive and fulfilled that day. Do I love my job? Yes.

Secondly, I’ve been craving for fresh strawberries and other fruits that’s why after I woke up from sleeping after a night shift, at 14.00, I went to Kingston Market Place. First I ate lunch, I bought Chicken Tikka with rice topped with yogurt mint sauce, it’s so delicious! I finished everything! I enjoyed every bite, taking time to enjoy chewing all the flavour with the combination of roasted chicken, green rice, cabbage and the yogurt spicy sauce. My mind was wandering while eating. I thought, maybe I can make this as a business in the Philippines ’cause I don’t know any restaurant serving chicken tikka in Manila. Haha.. Just one of my wild imagination. But no, not yet, not now. Currently it’s not on my list of  priorities for the next 5 years. I know it takes a lot of guts, effort, time and heart to be able to establish a successful food business in the Philippines. After eating, I bought 2 packs of fresh strawberries, lemons, blood oranges, avocado and healthy French bread. Oh, I love buying fresh picks from the market. Then I went to Waitrose to buy ingredients because I would like to cook Tuna Pasta. I went home after then ate 1 pack of strawberries. I dipped the fresh strawberries in a small amount of salt. I love the taste of sour and salty. I prepared to attend the evening mass after.

Thirdly, I went to the mass in St. Joseph’s Church at 17.30 and this is my takeaway. Being a Christian doesn’t change the fact that situations may happen in our lives. I may lose my job, experience a death of a loved one, etc. We are not immune of the realities of life. Then the priest asked, “As a Christian, are you ready?” The answer lies in the the first reading…

“A blessing on the man who puts his trust in the Lord,

with the Lord for his hope.

He is like a tree by the waterside

that thrusts its roots to the stream:

when the heat comes it feels no alarm,

its foliage stays green;

it has no worries in a year of drought,

and never ceases to bear fruit.”

I have one more realisation. I was inspired of the love story of Moira dela-Torre and her now husband, Jayson. I now know what I want in a relationship. I want a God-centered relationship in the future with a man that God has prepared for me. A relationship that honors God. And with that, I will wait. A man who loves God more than anything or anyone.

Takeaway From Last Sunday’s Homily

Hello… Monday again, this is the start of another week. I want to share the message I received yesterday from attending the mass in St. Joseph’s Church, New Malden. I am supposed to attend a service in Hillsong Church with friends in central London yesterday but since I don’t feel fine and I was so tired from 3 consecutive long day shifts from Thursday to Saturday, I just decided to attend the mass in a nearby church and stay at home after and rest.

I noticed that I am drawn to St. Joseph’s Church wherever I am. When I was in Manila, I used to attend the mass in St. Joseph The Worker Parish in Balintawak, Quezon City. Here in London, I chose to attend St. Joseph’s Church in New Malden and when I travelled to Sicily, Italy, one of the old churches I found fascinating is San Giuseppe dei Teatini church in Palermo. I think it’s also St. Joseph Church (when translated to English), or I may be wrong. I asked the priest inside the church if it’s a St. Joseph Church and he said, yes.

I remember years before, my friend said that when you are praying for The One, you should pray for that person in St. Joseph’s Church. It is because Joseph is the husband of Mary, and he is the ideal foster father for Jesus. I am always praying for my The One, anywhere. But I think it is a coincidence that I get connected to the messages the priests are delivering through the homily in these churches.

St. Joseph The Worker Parish in Balintawak, Quezon City

St. Joseph’s Church in New Malden, London

San Giuseppe dei Teatini in Palermo, Italy

Yesterday, the priest in New Malden mentioned in his homily about the purpose of the creation of laws, ten commandments, and the policies governing our lives. He said that laws are created to protect ourselves and other people. For example, we all know that drunk driving is prohibited. This law is created to protect you and other people from the accident. “When you drink, do not drive, when you drive, do not drink”, he added. Another example is about one of the Ten Commandments which is, “Do not kill.” The priest said, you have your life, and I have my life, why are you gonna take away my life? The next one is about lying. When you lie, you break the trust of the other person that you will be honest at all times. He said these laws are created not to inhibit us from doing the things that we want to do but to protect ourselves and other people. Sometimes, we wonder why are they creating such laws or policies? But we also have to think why these laws are created in the first place.

It is for us….

It is to protect us and other people. Now I understand its purpose and it made me realised that with the small laws that is being implemented whether it be at my work, in my flat, in the road, etc., adhering to these are for our own sake.

Something we all need to ponder.


P.S. This post was written a week ago. All images are from google.com.


“Keep your heart clear and transparent and you will never be bound.” – Ryokan


Have a great day everyone!