Drawing Inspiration from the Founding of Lamudi Philippines



Lamudi Philippines is an example of a startup, a company that is newly formed or created. It was launched in 2014 and data shows that it is now the most visited real estate website in the Philippines.

On September 3, 2015, I attended the media night organized by Lamudi Philippines where they presented more about their services and introduced the people behind their company. I arrived in TGIF in Greenbelt 3 at around 6pm and enjoyed the company of fellow bloggers and writers. After the cocktail, we headed to the cinema for the exclusive screening of Transporter Refueled. After everyone had settled in the cinema, the founders introduced the company and how it started.

Jacqueline Van Den Ende, Managing Director Lamudi PH

Jacqueline Van Den Ende is the founder and managing director of Lamudi Philippines. She came all the way from the land of tulips, Holland. When she was telling us how she started the company, I felt that it was really a hard work to grow a company which literally started with nothing but just a small office beside Lazada, their sister company, and a small picnic table. Rocket Internet Group hired her in 2013 to start the company and that means moving to the Philippines. Her only idea of this country is that it is a land of typhoon and a place of heavy traffic in the city. Despite the hesitation, she packed her bags and gave it a go and now loving every minute of her stay and never regret her decision. At the cocktail, she reached out to the members of the media and really talked and get to know us one by one. I admired her courage to go out of her comfort zone and that was leaving her home country in The Netherlands and taking a leap of faith to start something new. I learned that she also had fears at the beginning but she did not allow that fear to control her decisions in life.

Lamudi Philippines was formally launched on January 2014 and is now the biggest online real estate website in the Philippines. Currently, they have 700,000+ visitors per month and over 90,000 listings. The company is part of the Rocket Internet Group who also founded Lazada, Zalora and Carmudi.

Finding your dream home? You might find it in www.lamudi.com.ph.