Where I Had My Samsung Phone Repaired For Free?

I bought my cellphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on December 2016 in Carphone Warehouse in Kingston Town Centre. The phone has been with me for 1 year and 5 months. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a very slim shape and shiny texture. There were times that my phone slipped from my hand and dropped it on the floor.

Start of 2018, I noticed a small black dot on the upper right hand side of the screen, near the time display. When I asked my friend, Clio to have a look at it, he said that it’s a damage on the LCD. After two weeks, there was a vertical  pink line that appeared on the right hand side of the screen. Aside from the dot and the vertical line, my cellphone is working perfectly. What’s really important to me is the display of time whenever I’m using my phone. And since there was a black dot on the time display, I wouldn’t determine the time right away. I still have to lock my phone and then press the menu button so the clock appears on the lock screen.

After a week, I went to Carphone Warehouse because as far as I know my phone is still under the warranty. I had my phone checked if the damage is covered by the warranty and the staff said yes, it’s covered. He then instructed me to back up the files of my phone because there’s a possibility that the device might lose all the data if my phone will need a reset. I transferred the files on my phone to my external hard drive and went back to Carphone Warehouse after three weeks. I was with my friend who bought the same model of Samsung on December 2016. With regards to the condition of my friend’s phone, the battery is no longer working, the screen has a crack and it doesn’t turn on anymore. Me and my friend were assisted by a different staff member and were told that if our phones were dropped, it voids the warranty of 2 years. Disappointed, he advised us to go to Samsung Support Centre in front of John Lewis, which was just near the shop where we were.

My friend and I went to Samsung Support Centre and waited for a few minutes before a member of staff assisted us. I was informed that if there’s a damage in the LCD even if there’s no damage on the screen, they will have to change both the old LCD and screen to a new one, so approximately, it might cost me around £180. So expensive! The engineer will have to check the phone first before they quote the amount to be paid. I was advised to wait for their call. Afterwards, the paper work was done, and we were told that it might take a day for our phones to get repaired. That is so much better that to have to wait for 1 to 2 weeks in Carphone Warehouse. Their procedure is also to send our phones to Samsung Support Centre.

I waited for the call from the Samsung Support Centre but I did not receive any. After 2 days, I received a voice message from them saying that my phone is ready for pick up. I called the number back and I was told that the damage is covered by the warranty. It was a good news to me because I won’t need to pay £180 or more.

I went to town the next day to collect my phone and I was very happy when I got it because it’s like a brand new Samsung S7 Edge. There was a plastic cover in the screen and the menu pad, they cleaned the screen, removed the finger prints and when I turned on the phone, the dot and the vertical line were gone. The new repaired phone  was handed to me in a very cute casing which says, “Hello, I’m back” which made me glad because obviously, my phone is back and it looks like a brand new unit. I’m very happy and satisfied with the service of Samsung. Even though I bought the phone from a retailer which is Carphone Warehouse, they are honouring the warranty and repairing the phone with original parts regardless if the phone was bought from them or from a retailer. I must say, the customer service is superb.


It’s a great help that the staff from Carphone Warehouse redirected us to Samsung Support Centre. I was not aware that Samsung has a support centre that’s why I’m sharing this information. I’m not sure if we have Samsung Support Centre in Manila, Philippines. I hope we have. If you are living in Kingston, you can have your Samsung gadgets repaired in Samsung Support Centre, Kingston Town Centre.

The Whitney Houston Show Memories

Last night, I watched “The Greatest Love of All: The Whitney Houston Show” in Evertim Apollo in Hammersmith, London. Whitney Houston was honoured by the singer Belinda Davis who sang the greatest hits of the late singer. How did I know about this show? Actually, everything was very spontaneous. When I opened my Groupon app, I accidentally pressed the featured option, and The Whitney Houston Show popped out. Interesting, I told myself. So I searched google for the trailer of the show and got excited because I know a lot of Whitney Houston songs. I’m on my late 20s, I grew up listening to the songs of her in the radio and CD player. The venue of the show was in Evertim Apollo in Hammersmith, London. I thought that it was in Central London but when I checked City Mapper (this is the app that I use to go anywhere in the city of London with suggested routes and mode of transportation), I found out that the fastest way is by riding a bus. I just need to ride Bus 85 from the Queen’s Road/ Kingston Hospital and drop off to Shawford Court station then wait for Bus 72 and drop off to Hammersmith Bridge Road station. Afterwards, I only walked for 4 minutes and then I already saw the venue, Evertim Apollo. When I arrived 25 minutes before 8pm, there were two queues, one was for those who already have their tickets and the second one is for sales and ticket collection. I went to the second queue as I already booked the ticket the night before the show. That is me, so spontaneous of everything.

Outside of the Evertim Apollo

I noticed that with the shows that I attended here in London, there were very tight security measures being implemented as UK had history of terrorist attacks. Five minutes before 8.00pm, I finally got seated. I bought the ticket last night for a price of £50. I watched the show alone and was seated with two lovely ladies and also grannies, Maggie and Jackie. They bought their ticket on December of last year for £40, and they compared and concluded that there isn’t that much difference from the price of tickets bought last year and the night before the show. Remember that I bought mine for £50. Maggie and Jackie were telling me they’re still waiting for their favourite song Run To You, but unfortunately, it was not included in the songs sang by Belinda. During the 30 minute break, Jackie told me to try to watch for a Tennis match in Wimbledon sometime on June because it is a great experience to be with the atmosphere of a tennis match. According to her, it’s more exciting when you are physically present in the venue rather than watching it in a television. She said that after the match, she went inside the court and almost cried. Haha.. For her, it was a very emotional moment to be picked and be given an opportunity to watch the Wimbledon Tennis match.

My two lovely seatmates, Jackie and Maggie

Going back to the show, Belinda introduced herself after singing few songs. She said that she was born in Fort Elizabeth, South Africa and growing up, she wanted to sing like her idol, Whitney Houston. Well, dreams do come true because now she was the one chosen to honour the music and legacy of her idol. She looked like Whitney Houston, her skin colour, her hair, the gestures, her powerful voice and she was dressed exactly the same as what Whitney wore during her past performances.

Belinda Davids going to the audience

I thought that The Whitney Houston Show is like other West End musicals that are being shown in London all throughout the year, but it’s not. I decided to watch this show because upon searching, it will only be shown for 1 night in London, it’s now or never. The next day they will perform in Cardiff for 2 consecutive nights and in Manchester the night after. Belinda gave a stellar performance with her powerful voice belting out the Whitney Houston hits and received several standing ovations. The price I paid to watch this show is definitely worth it.

Whitney Houston is very popular in the Philippines. I grew up hearing her songs. I also remember that our Elementary graduation song was “One Moment in Time” that’s why I can still remember its lyrics. And since the Filipinos love to sing, Whitney Houston songs are always being sang by singers in the television shows, concerts and in the singing contests.

Here are some of the videos I took from the show.


The audience does not only comprise of older people but a mix of young and old, male and female. There were grannies and grandpas, there were married couples, group of friends and young people. I was dancing and singing my heart out (as heard on the videos that I took) as well as the whole audience. These were some of the songs belted out by Belinda: I Will Always Love You, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, I Have Nothing, The Greatest Love of All, One Moment In Time, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, etc. There was a live band and the National Philharmonic Concert Orchestra which gave fantastic music. The quality of music is really different, very soulful and grand if there’s an orchestra playing. This is a great show  worth spending.  It will entertain you, you will sing, you will dance and you will remember the talent, music and memory of Whitney Houston.

This is the video/ trailer that I watched that made me decide to come and see the show.

My selfie after coming home at around 12midnight.


I just want to end this post by leaving this quote from the book that I’m currently reading, “Do less, get MORE” by Shaa Wasmund. I remember I also read this quote from the blog of Tom Basson (www.tombasson.com).

It says there…

-What makes you feel alive? “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

When I was watching this show, I feel alive because I was enjoying my time, and that I am living my life in the present moment and in my own terms. I think I need to remind myself all the time to only do things that will make me genuinely happy.

That’s it for now. Guys, please leave a comment below if you have watched this show or still planning to watch. Have a great day ahead!


***I got the featured image from MyTicket.co.uk from google.com.