The Philippine SME Business Expo 2015

IMG_4041[1] Mediacom Solutions Inc. is organizing the third edition of the Philippine Small and Medium Enterprise Business Expo (PHILSME), happening at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines on October 2-4, 2015. This is the third series of the event which followed the success of the first two editions on 2013 and 2014. With over 99.6% of the businesses in the Philippines being a Small, Medium Micro Enterprises, Filipino companies have to innovate and engage in networking strategies to be able to compete in the global market. With a tagline, “Boost Your Business”, this event is dedicated to boost the ASEAN SME community in the Philippines. The 3-day exhibition will be packed with a variety of products, services and technological solutions and will also feature workshops, seminars and networking opportunities for business owners and professionals. IMG_3546[1] According to Mediacom Solutions Inc. Chairman and CEO, David Abrenilla, PHILSME 2015 will be featuring a Business Matchmaking Service which will allow exhibitors a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with senior-level managers, company owners, stakeholders, decision makers, buyers, sellers, distributors and franchisees. This is one of the highlights of the expo. The trade event will provide attendees an opportunity to learn from influential experts from various business sectors, in the fields of manufacturing, food, retail and technology.


The industries expected to present in the PHILSME 2015 are from retail, food and beverage, technology and innovation, agriculture businesses, confectionary, to general merchandise, hospitality, hotels, salons, spas and gyms, malls, office furniture, machineries, direct selling, etc. To attend the show, you may pre-register for free at For inquiries, please contact Sunshine Sy at +63-2-509-4792+63-927-395-1575 or email For updates, join the community at

The importance of financial literacy in achieving financial independence

Having a background in a financial institution on my first job back in 2010, I realized that financial planning and wealth management are really important to a person’s life. It doesn’t matter how much money people are making, what is important is how much money people are saving. I also learned that it is better to prepare for our retirement as early as in our 20s.

Even though I have left the company 4 years ago and now pursuing my real profession, looking back, I realized that the reason I was exposed to the banking and insurance industry was for me to be educated on the importance of planning for the future.

I used to watch the TV show “Chink Positive!” every Sunday, from 6:00am till 8:00am. One of the hosts is Chinkee Tan, a wealth and life coach. He has a passion in helping people get out of debt and be financially free by sharing his knowledge on investment and business. I attended his seminar, “KaChink! How to retire before the age of 50?” It happened in Metro Tent, Metro Walk, Pasig City on June 20, 2015, from 1pm till 6pm.


Material given before the seminar that has all the topics to be discussed

My takeaway in the seminar


Chinkee Tan gave 10 effective ways on how to create more income without leaving our work. We can either be a virtual assistant, translator, graphic artist, video editor, writer, proofreader, tutor, consultant, salesperson, etc., depending on a person’s interests and skills.

He also advised to save 10 to 30% of our income every month. Saving is a habit. The earlier, the better.

One powerful equation he mentioned, which we should all apply is


And not

Income-expenses= savings.

Save! Save! Save!

Saving is a habit.

Definitely, I can recommend this kind of seminar to everyone especially those who wanted to take control of their financial life. The idea and message can be understood right away by people who doesn’t have a background in the bank or financial institution, or for others who work in a different industry. Seminar attendees were convinced of the importance of saving in the bank, investing in a life insurance and other bank products like UITF (Unit Investment Trust Fund), stock market and mutual funds.

Stock  market

Information about the stock market

Stock market page

More about investing in the stock market

The topic that I really looked forward to was the topic about how to invest in the stock market. I was hoping that Mr. Chinkee Tan will provide the step by step guide on how to invest in the stock market but the topic that was only discussed was the importance of investing in it. I think I will just search the internet, ask friends who have invested in it and also, look for expert’s advice. One helpful advice of Mr. Chinkee Tan is not to invest into something that you are not familiar with. We should first learn the ins and outs of every investment we will be making.

One of the sponsors: BDO Unibank. (left) Brosure of their EIP (Easy Investment Plan), the banks UITF product

Attending this seminar paved way for me and my friend to bring to life the idea of investing in the stock market. We’ve thought of it years before but it doesn’t materialize yet. Thanks to this seminar, we are awaken. My friend and I commit to save a percentage of our salary regularly for the future. Consistency is the key. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. We decided to check on each other regularly if we are on track with our financial goals.

My Experience in the BDJ Box Beauty Fair

On June 7, 2015, I attended the BDJ Box Beauty Bootcamp. The venue was on The Blue Leaf Filipinas in Paranaque City. It was attended mostly by Belle de Jour planner owner. I know Belle de Jour because I read about it in some of the articles from Cosmopolitan magazine. Actually, I am not a Belle de Jour planner owner but now wanting to buy one next year.

How did I find out about the event? The story goes like this. Three weeks ago, I bought the book, “Besties” by Solenn Heussaf and Georgina Wilson. I posted it in my twitter account. Then a twitter user @louisechelle replied on my tweet asking if I can give comment about the review she made on the said book. After reading her review and giving comments, I checked her blog. I read her blog post about the BDJ Box Beauty Bootcamp and got curious about it. That’s why I contacted my friend, Hannah, who’s also in to make up and beauty products and asked her if she wanted to go to a Beauty Fair. She immediately said yes. It was about two weeks before the event that we were able to preregister for the beauty fair. And because the slots for the workshops are just limited, we weren’t able to register for the workshops. But anyway, we still decided to go because we were excited to buy make up on sale.

Inside the Beauty Fair

Inside the Beauty Fair

We arrived at about past 10am. The ambiance was a happy place with good music. It was attended by many and I may describe as free-spirited young women who shine in their own way.

My friend Hannah, in L’Oreal booth

Before the make over

My favorite, L’Oreal make up booth

Hannah and IAt the eventBootcamp pic

We tried first the L’Oreal booth where we had our make over. Me and my friend were able to try the make up from L’Oreal. I love the foundation, face powder and lipstick. There are also booths from Revlon,  Canmake Tokyo, Globe, Flawless, Cure, Red Mango, Got Polished, Ponds, ETC, Fanny Serrano, Wacoal, and a lot more. We also had our Souvenir photo taken by Canon. We were able to experience a lot of stuff like free skin analysis, massage and other sample products. I bought the two way cake face powder from L’Oreal and the Skin Exfoliant from Cure. It was 5pm when we left the event. We really want to stay for some more time but since I am working as a nurse and I have a night duty, we had to go home.


Grab Taxi Sexy Fox


Grab Taxi Pink Sedan… It they are the one who got your booking, the taxi ride is free.

But wait, there’s more. My friend and I decided to ride GrabTaxi on the way home. When I booked for the ride outside The Blue Leaf Filipinas, I was told that the ride is free to any point in Metro Manila. I told my friend and she also couldn’t believe. We asked the taxi driver if the ride is really free, and he said yes. Then we decided that we can just have a separate Taxi so that she can be drove home to Pasig and I, to Caloocan City. Free taxi ride home. How incredible is that? My friend and I were texting each other on the way home and we couldn’t believe all the free stuff we had just by attending the Beauty Fair. And we are also excited to try the products we bought. She thanked me for inviting her to this event because we really did enjoy attending the Beauty Fair. My friend and I are looking forward for more events from the BDJ Community.

I have engaged myself for the past years in things that are inspirational, such as books, magazines, events, articles, quotations, products, anything that can inspire me. I love marketing materials, advertisement, commercials and campaigns that inspire young women to follow their passion, live their full potentials, follow their hearts and dreams and be financially independent. Belle de Jour is one example of this.