Hi, I’m Berna! Thank you for visiting my blog, my personal online space. First of all, I wanna say that innately I’m a very shy person. There’s a lot of thoughts running through my head but since I’m a little bit reserved, I don’t usually share them on social media that’s why I created this blog for anyone who might stumble on my life stories. I hope to inspire others or even just one soul to chase their dreams, to live life and enjoy it. I’m neither grand nor gallant. The truth is, I’m just a simple person. I find joy in simple things like dreaming, writing and sharing anything that inspires me.

Here’s a little background of where I grew up. I spent my childhoold in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. I was there till high school then moved to Manila to study college. I stayed in Manila after graduating from college to work. But our house in Nueva Ecija is still my home.

I grew up in a small barrio facing a river, the place I was honed in terms of character and values. Living a simple life in the province allowed me to become a dreamer. When I was young, I dreamt of seeing more of the world, literally and figuratively. When I moved to Manila for college, I realized there was a larger world in there.

What’s in this blog is just less than 1% of my thoughts of everything, there is more about me to be discovered. I speak less, but thinks and writes more. Throughout years of blogging, I grew from being a shy, timid and naïve girl, to a fearless, go-getter, and free-spirited young lady (I hope so).

I believe writing is a gift from God that is meant to be shared. More often than not, I search for inspiration every day, from the simplest things to the most complex ideas. I want to share inspiring stories I learn each day the same as how other writers and bloggers inspire me in so many ways. So I’m just returning the favor.

This is a collection of my life experiences. I know there’s a lot of things that I have yet to learn and discover about life. I am not an expert of anything, but let me share with you the lessons I learned in the past and as I live life every day. Let us enjoy life and everything that comes with it.

Currently, I am a nurse working in one of the hospitals in London. I moved to the United Kingdon on October 2016. This blog is where I share my dreams, aspirations, fears, sadness and heartbreaks, realizations and random thoughts about my life as a dreamer. This I will tell you, being an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) is not about travels, earning big salary or living the dreams. It’s all about sacrifices. Sacrifices on being away from family, friends, loved ones and comfort zone to save enough for when the time comes that I’m ready go back to the Philippines, I will be able to do the things that I am passionate about. It was so hard and heartbreaking at first. But I will be a Balikbayan in the next few years. Being away from the Philippines made me realize to love and appreciate my own country even more. I will be back in the Philippines, definitely! Because still, home is where the heart is. Don’t get me wrong, I love London and UK. I feel so blessed to be given an opportunity to work and be valued as a health care professional and for the great career experience and learning that they’re giving me right now. I’m enjoying the place, the good life and the work, so I have nothing to complain. I just feel so blessed right now.

I also want to share this quote from Benjamin Franklin that I really love,

“Either write something worth reading. Or do something worth writing.”


Please comment below, I would love to get in touch with you, my readers. Happy reading! =)


You can reach me through this email: info@bernasolis.com

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  1. Hi Doctor Eamer! Thank you for visiting my blog. Definitely, I will keep on writing. There was a year in the past when I went on hiatus in writing but now I’m back. I love writing and reading blogs. When I’m not writing, I read other people’s blog most especially the personal ones because I can totally relate to the topics. I have noticed that most of the personal bloggers are dreamers by nature. See you around my feed. 🙂

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