Attending The Conflict Resolution Training

How to resolve a conflict? 

Last week, I attended a mandatory seminar in the hospital called “Conflict Resolution”. This was facilitated by Richard Evans, the head of the Facilities department of Kingston Hospital. It’s a seminar that aims to provide information to all staffs on what a conflict is, who are the most common to experience conflict and how to resolve it. Everyone working in the hospital may experience a conflict. However it’s the employees who have direct contact with the patients that are most likely to experience this like the nurses, doctors, physiotherapist and receptionist. I find my job to be a stressful one as we are dealing with the most vulnerable people, those who are sick, under the treatment of a medical condition and the unwell adults. It is also possible that we may experience aggression and frustration from patients and their relatives.

Admittedly, it adds to the pressure of our job whenever we speak to the patients and relatives about their concerns and questions. I learned in the seminar that to be able to respond effectively to the other person, it is advisable to do the following:

  1. Give the brain 2-3 seconds before replying
  2. Remain cool, not rising to the bait
  3. Speak calmly, firmly and softly
  4. Keep listening (the longer the other person speaks the more difficult it is to remain focused and to retain all the information)

The trainer also mentioned about Transactional Analysis and how it can help us to be aware and improve our capability to resolve a conflict. According to Google, Transactional Analysis is a system of popular psychology based on the idea that one’s behaviour and social relationships reflect an interchange between parental (critical and nurturing), adult (rational), and childlike (intuitive and dependent) aspects of personality established early in life.

In Transactional Analysis, I found out that we have 3 ego states:

  1. Parent
  2. Adult
  3. Child

Each person has the Parent ego state, Adult ego state and the Child ego state. In the Parent ego state, we can either be Critical or Nurturing. Critical is being direct, explicit and exact while Nurturing is being caring and permissive. The Adult ego state is the present state which can be described as rational and questioning. The Child ego state can either be Adapted or Free. In the Adapted category, we can be defiant and complaining while being Free is described as being curious and fun loving. The trainer gave an activity to us where we found out our most dominant ego state. The result of the activity showed that the most dominant in me is the Nurturing Parent ego state where I identified myself as caring, empathetic, comforting, helpful, sympathetic, loving, warm, etc. Usually, this is the most dominant ego state of the nurses. My second highest score is the free-child state with the words that accompany myself like being happy, excited, hugging, laughing, emotional, inspired and fun loving. So, my two dominant ego states are Nurturing Parent and Free-child. We were told that no answers are correct. Every answer is personal depending on each person. It’s a personality test. The main aim of this activity is for us, participants, to be aware of our current ego state because that is how we usually resolve a conflict.

According to the trainer, for the conflict to be resolved effectively, we should be on our Adult ego state because only in this state is where we are rational, questioning, at present, neutral and balance. The Adult ego state has the most ability to resolve conflicts. The traits of the Adult ego are analytical, unemotional, negotiating, observant, interested and calm. We, the participants became aware of our dominant ego states and we were encouraged to make more conscious effort to be in our Adult ego whenever we are resolving conflicts.

I wrote this post to remind myself and not to forget about this because this is a good takeaway from a training. I learned a lot and I can use this in my everyday life.

Guys, what are your thoughts about this?


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Where I Had My Samsung Phone Repaired For Free?

I bought my cellphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on December 2016 in Carphone Warehouse in Kingston Town Centre. The phone has been with me for 1 year and 5 months. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a very slim shape and shiny texture. There were times that my phone slipped from my hand and dropped it on the floor.

Start of 2018, I noticed a small black dot on the upper right hand side of the screen, near the time display. When I asked my friend, Clio to have a look at it, he said that it’s a damage on the LCD. After two weeks, there was a vertical  pink line that appeared on the right hand side of the screen. Aside from the dot and the vertical line, my cellphone is working perfectly. What’s really important to me is the display of time whenever I’m using my phone. And since there was a black dot on the time display, I wouldn’t determine the time right away. I still have to lock my phone and then press the menu button so the clock appears on the lock screen.

After a week, I went to Carphone Warehouse because as far as I know my phone is still under the warranty. I had my phone checked if the damage is covered by the warranty and the staff said yes, it’s covered. He then instructed me to back up the files of my phone because there’s a possibility that the device might lose all the data if my phone will need a reset. I transferred the files on my phone to my external hard drive and went back to Carphone Warehouse after three weeks. I was with my friend who bought the same model of Samsung on December 2016. With regards to the condition of my friend’s phone, the battery is no longer working, the screen has a crack and it doesn’t turn on anymore. Me and my friend were assisted by a different staff member and were told that if our phones were dropped, it voids the warranty of 2 years. Disappointed, he advised us to go to Samsung Support Centre in front of John Lewis, which was just near the shop where we were.

My friend and I went to Samsung Support Centre and waited for a few minutes before a member of staff assisted us. I was informed that if there’s a damage in the LCD even if there’s no damage on the screen, they will have to change both the old LCD and screen to a new one, so approximately, it might cost me around £180. So expensive! The engineer will have to check the phone first before they quote the amount to be paid. I was advised to wait for their call. Afterwards, the paper work was done, and we were told that it might take a day for our phones to get repaired. That is so much better that to have to wait for 1 to 2 weeks in Carphone Warehouse. Their procedure is also to send our phones to Samsung Support Centre.

I waited for the call from the Samsung Support Centre but I did not receive any. After 2 days, I received a voice message from them saying that my phone is ready for pick up. I called the number back and I was told that the damage is covered by the warranty. It was a good news to me because I won’t need to pay £180 or more.

I went to town the next day to collect my phone and I was very happy when I got it because it’s like a brand new Samsung S7 Edge. There was a plastic cover in the screen and the menu pad, they cleaned the screen, removed the finger prints and when I turned on the phone, the dot and the vertical line were gone. The new repaired phone  was handed to me in a very cute casing which says, “Hello, I’m back” which made me glad because obviously, my phone is back and it looks like a brand new unit. I’m very happy and satisfied with the service of Samsung. Even though I bought the phone from a retailer which is Carphone Warehouse, they are honouring the warranty and repairing the phone with original parts regardless if the phone was bought from them or from a retailer. I must say, the customer service is superb.


It’s a great help that the staff from Carphone Warehouse redirected us to Samsung Support Centre. I was not aware that Samsung has a support centre that’s why I’m sharing this information. I’m not sure if we have Samsung Support Centre in Manila, Philippines. I hope we have. If you are living in Kingston, you can have your Samsung gadgets repaired in Samsung Support Centre, Kingston Town Centre.