2016: Best Year So Far

Whenever a new year is approaching, I always wish, hope and pray that in the upcoming year,  I will be able to achieve my greatest dream. The year 2016, I have achieved my greatest dream and that is meeting the love of my life, my boyfriend Ryan. How did i fall for Ryan? Hmmm… Maybe it started after us watching the movie “Barcelona” in Mall of Asia. We had the semi-holding hands moment when I was about to ride the bus. We had to say goodbye and the most casual way to do it is to hold hands. I had a feeling that I was starting to like him at that time.

The following week, his brother (which is my blogger friend) invited me and Ryan to accompany him in the formal event E-Bloggers Ball in City of Dreams. At first, i really don’t want to attend because I was so lazy to make an effort to dress up formally. My friend tried to convince me to go with them even if I keep on telling him “No.” What made me say yes is because… I want to see and be with Ryan. So i dressed up, I wore a black cocktail dress, silver high heels and did my own make up and hair. 

It was his first time to see me in a formal look. I was a little bit shy but with his full smile when he saw me, it made me think I must have looked great that night for him. He hold my hand but I removed it to grab his left arm while walking. We seated together and laughed a lot with the taste of food that were served. We talked, told me his parents want to meet me as he kept on telling them about me. Seeing a lot of beautiful and glamorous ladies in the event, he looked at me and told me that he likes a simple lady like me. I don’t know how to respond and then just smiled at him and with what he said. After the event, we headed to the taxi bay and he hold my hands, i just allowed him to do that  and that was the start of us holding hands together. He chose a trustworthy looking driver to send me home. He opened the door of the taxi and gave me a sweet peck on the cheek. When i was inside the taxi, my heart was pounding. I thought of him and wondered who are we for each other, “Does he like me if he was showing me with all those sweet gestures?” 

The following week, on Sunday, he invited me to attend the mass in Divine Mercy Church in Bulacan and introduced me to his parents. They even adjusted and chose the evening mass so that I can join them because I’ll be coming from a duty in the hospital. His parents are the kindest. 

We are getting serious with each other not acknowledging the fact that at that time, I was about to leave for London in less than a month to work. If only I could stay and be with him from that day forward, I will. He is my greatest dream. 

As of the moment, we may be physically apart but my whole heart belongs to him. I can’t wait for the day that we will be together and when that time comes, we will never be apart anymore. We will survive this thing called LDR. The qualities of him that made our relationship light and easy to handle are his kindness and cheerfulness. He’s also very gentleman. I feel safe and at home when I’m with him. Whenever I feel sad here in London, aside from making me laugh (btw he’s also funny), he tells me to always pray and attend mass.

2016 is my best year so far because it was when I met the love of my life. And I’m looking forward for great things that’s in stored for him and me this 2017. I remember last year, the beginning of 2016 wasn’t good to me, I was hospitalized and had undergone a surgery. The beginning of 2017 had not been good to me again, but hey I still have 11 more months to go. I have a whole year ahead of me for many more great things to come. 2017, you have a lot to live up to!

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