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Suddenly the World Seems Lighter

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Hello! Sorry for taking few months off from blogging. My last post was on July, it’s the second week of December and it was like 4 months of being unable to express my inner self. I had mentioned in my previous posts that I had applied for work in the United Kingdom. Since the beginning of this year, I had been busy taking exams and fixing numbers of documents while working in the hospital so I set aside blogging for a while. And yes, I am now here in London, England trying my luck as a nurse. I arrived on the 27th of October. 

A month before leaving the Philippines, something came up. Okay, long story short. I have a blogger friend who was trying to set me up for his brother since last year but because our schedules don’t match and I became really busy at the beginning of 2016 because of this application and work, the meeting didn’t push through. And when the feedback regarding my application arrived on September and I was already sure to be leaving a month after, I told my friend that I am now free and can go out to meet his brother. I went to Shangri-La mall with really no expectations but to watch a movie with a friend and his brother. I was thinking, “I have no expectations, if this turns out unsuccessful, no reason to be sad about because still, a great opportunity is waiting for me in UK.” (Insert grin smile here)

Our first meeting… 📷 c/o of my friend RC

Then that meeting was followed by us going out twice or thrice a week after. With only a week left before my departure for London, in my heart there’s a little voice wishing if I could stay in the country for few more days, weeks or months to spend time with this guy. But I can’t. Employment contracts had been signed, plane tickets had been booked, resignation letter to the present employer had been passed and bids of goodbye and farewell had already been said to loved ones and friends. It’s odd how ironic life can be.

I did not plan to be in a long distance relationship but it’s what the situation requires and I’m willing to take a risk. Four days before I left, we officially became a couple. With more than 6,000 miles distance, on the other side of the world with a different time zone, it’s not about believing in an LDR (long distance relationship) or not. This is a relationship that needs effort on. 

A big change is that I should get used to the fact that I will need to share the stories of my everyday life with another person, the happy and the sad, and when unpleasant things happen, suddenly, the world seems lighter because of him. 😊

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