Book Review: I’ve Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has

Cover page

Cover page

Last month, I had come across several quotations of Mandy Hale in Facebook. I immediately searched for her in Google and found out more about her book and her blog. Mandy Hale is an American blogger and the New York Times best-selling author of “I’ve Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has” which is the second offering following the success of her first book entitled “The Single Woman: Life, Love and a Dash of Sass”.

“I’ve Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has” detailed Mandy Hale’s journey after graduating from college until the release of this book. At first, she thought that the journey for a happily ever after will be easy but it was not. For instance, she had been to several jobs and was fired which resulted to a depression. Just like other young adults, in those years she fell in love and got her heart broken several times but she did not lose her faith in God.

I had learned so many things through her life experiences. My favorite was the one she said in an interview about the idea behind the title. She said that in life, we often go search of one thing and end up finding something so much better. Because guess what, that is God’s plan.

Some of my favorite lines are:

“God, like a proud Papa, I think He sometimes does things for no other reason than to make His children smile.”

“I didn’t take the no personally, however, as I knew that every no was pushing me one step closer to a yes.”

“She didn’t have the perfect hair or the perfect nose or the perfect clothes, but she still felt she deserved the world.”

“I was learning on this journey that we call life that failure is just a sentence in our stories. It doesn’t have to overshadow the whole book.”

“It had opened me up to the magic and joy and possibilities of life again.”

“Because no matter how bad you might mess up, or how foolish you might look, or how high you might crash, there is absolutely nothing worse than the feeling of regret you will have if you don’t try at all.”

And a lot….. There are too many to mention. I think the central message that connected me to Mandy Hale’s life experiences is the realization of connecting the dots. Just like what I learned from Steve Jobs’ Standford graduation speech, he said that “We cannot connect the dots looking forward, we can only connect them looking backwards.” Realizing that we were in the situation in the past and we met these people because having them prepares us for what lies ahead in the future. Rise up from a fall, move on from hurt, bounce back and then pursue your dreams are her advice to all women.

I bought the book for Php595 in the National Book Store. This is a great read especially for women going through tough times in terms of career, love or life in general. The readers will realize that if Mandy Hale can bounce back and so do I.

Have you read it? Please comment your thoughts and learning about the book. 

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