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Hello! I just want to share that right now, I am on vacation leave (VL) from work. My VL started on September 16 until October 11. Almost a month.. Yay! The reason for that long VL is because in the hospital where I am presently working, whenever an employee reaches her anniversary from work, she will be granted an 18 days vacation leave. Great benefit right? For me, including the 2 days off per week, it will be a total of 26 days of not going to work. So in this 26 days, what shall I plan to do? Long before I reached this VL, I had been thinking and planning on several productive things to spend my time well and for me not to be bored and suddenly realizing wanting to go back to work. I thought of going on vacation, visiting my parents in the province, out of town with my friends, learning something new like driving or swimming, attending blogging events, updating my social media profile and writing/ blogging a lot. In reality, I am now on vacation and not all planned months before will be materialized.

Sudden changes were made like finally booking for IELTS (International English Language Testing System), which is one of the requirements for my application as a nurse in the UK. I booked the exam the other day and it was indeed a very expensive one. The exam date will be on October 8. I did not rush to take the exam. I just realized that while on vacation leave is the best time to take IELTS since I have ample time to review and am just relaxed and not stressed from work. After registering online for the exam, I made a decision to finally focus on reviewing by watching tutorial videos on YouTube, doing practice test in the reviewer I bought in the bookstore, and showing up in the review center where I enrolled myself in.

Yesterday morning, I sent my updated resume in the agency through email. I am already qualified to be hired as a nurse in the UK which requires a minimum of 1 year hospital experience. However, I needed to pass several exams and IELTS is the first one. In the afternoon, I went to Makati to attend the free IELTS talk offered by the recruitment agency where I am communicating with for my application. I liked the talk because the myths regarding IELTS were made clear and we were advised that the exam is an objective one in a way that test takers only need to give what the exam asks for.

After the talk, I met with a blogger friend and he treated me to a fast food chain and just enjoyed the company of each other. It’s just amazing how blogging allows me to meet interesting people and learning a lot from them.

When I was updating and sending email to the recruitment agency yesterday, there was this exhilarating feeling because I just felt that I am back on track. I am back to pursuing my dreams and goals when I was in high school. The same feeling as how I dream before in high school is exactly how I felt yesterday. The burning desire that was lost during college and during the first two jobs after graduation returned. The feeling of being lost and not knowing where the direction of my life will be heading because of quarter-life crisis is no longer in my system. The past sadness, disappointments, rejections and all the not-so-wonderful feelings were all gone as I view them as God’s way of redirecting me to where I am meant to be. I feel so excited every day because I have many things to look forward to and I have a dream and goal to pursue.

Let us continue to live, hope and dream. Day by day as much as I can, I am trying to work harder, study harder, play harder and risk harder than ever before. 🙂

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    • Thanks Maj! Actually, I’m not nervous about the result. Whatever it is, I only believe in God’s plan. If I’ll reach the target score of UK or not, I know I did my best. Dun mo pala malalaman pag ginawa mo yung best mo, kung uulitin mo ulit, wala ng maidadagdag kasi alam mong binigay mo na yung best mo nung time na yun. Result will be released in a few days. God’s plan. I surrender to His will. Hindi ko ma explain, pero parang yung IELTS is an exam of life experiences and not merely an English test. 🙂

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