I Finally Got Myself a Health Card: PhilCare ERVantage 80

When I resigned from my previous work in a BPO company, one thing that I worried about losing was my HMO card/ health card. I know that having a health card is very important especially to those of us working as we cannot predict when we are going to get sick and be confined in the hospital. As I left my previous job and started working as a nurse, I know it sounds ironic but free hospitalization is not part of the benefits of the newly hired employees, not until I reach my 1st year anniversary from work. Since I know its advantage, I had been looking for an affordable health card since the start of my new work. Last month, as I was reading a blog, I read a post about the new product PhilCare is offering, an affordable health card that can be used for emergency treatment leading to admission in a hospital. I read the inclusions and exclusions list of the product and realized that the card suited me and my needs. I checked first if the hospital where I am working is accredited, when I found out that it is accredited, I immediately purchased the health card using my credit card.


PhilCare ERVantage 80

The product is ERVantage 80. As per PhilCare website, the ER Vantage 80 prepaid card is a one-time use emergency care leading to admission health card for individuals 6 months to 64 years old. I chose the variant which offers private room for admission and has the highest limit among its other variants. The card that I purchased has up to Php80,000 in health benefits .

The price of the card is Php1,300 pesos. When I purchased the card online, I saw in the screen that I was charged Php1,365 pesos. I was clueless for the extra Php65 charge. The transaction was fast. I just have one comment on the purchasing process online. When the transaction was finished, there was no note in the screen that the transaction went through, no order confirmation email or whatsoever. So I was clueless if the transaction went through or not. I just decided to see in the coming days if I will receive the card or not. Then, after 2 days, I received a package, and in there was the PhilCare health card I purchased online. I was actually amazed at how fast the card was delivered to my home. In the package, I saw the breakdown of charges. The Php65 additional fee was for the shipping. I just hope it was specified online that there will be shipping fee. But I really don’t mind paying for it.

After receiving my card, I registered my information with that of the card, and that was through text. In the note, the card will be effective after 7 days of registration. So, as of the moment, I am already covered. The coverage of the member is valid for one year.

With this health card, I am no longer worried if ever I will be hospitalized and will need expensive medicines or will need diagnostic procedures. (I don’t want to be a burden to my family.) After 1 year, if ever I won’t be able to use the card, well, that is a great news. It means, I didn’t get sick, or I was not absent on work and that I’m healthy. Let us not think that purchasing a health insurance or any kind of insurance means that you are expecting to get sick or whatever. This is just for protection. Loving ourselves means taking care of ourselves.

For more information of the PhilCare ERVantage 80 card, please click on this link http://www.philcare.com.ph/product/er-vantage-private/ .

If you have been looking for a health card, just a friendly advice, read first all the benefits and exclusions list and see if the product suits your need. Really, health is wealth.

2 thoughts on “I Finally Got Myself a Health Card: PhilCare ERVantage 80

  1. True,, this is the first time I’ve purchased something online na walang order confirmation. You have to be worried kapag walang confirmation, right? I called their landline number pa and that cost me time and money, which would not have been the case if only I’ve gotten an order confirmation, kahit text lang. I hope the online shopping experience improves next time.

    • Hi Pameladgpare! You are correct. An order confirmation email is a reassurance for the customers to know if the order went through or not. It will be an added effort for the customer to call the customer service hotline just to confirm.

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