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chello abstract painting by juneri

cello abstract painting by juneri

I had the opportunity of owning an abstract painting that was given by a classmate in the graduate school. At first, I didn’t understand the image even if I was looking at it everyday, figuring out what the painting really was. I searched in amazon.com on books and got interesting ideas about abstract painting. Here are the facts that caught my attention:

“We don’t have to know what a painting is if we know how it makes us feel.”

“Abstract art is about taking the road less traveled. It is about taking risks and going places in your mind where you have never been.”

“Painting abstract changes the way you view the world. Once you have practiced focusing on the details, you will begin to see them everywhere. You will look at the world in an entirely new way. Painting abstract opens up new possibilities and broadens the senses.” – Journeys by Abstraction by Sue St. John

“Painting is intended as a means of expressing ourselves on a flat surface.” – The Art of Abstract Painting: A Guide to Creativity by Rolina Van Vliet

“Abstract art, is about us individuals, about our understanding of the human condition- its strengths and frailties, beauty and horror. These compel us to look further than the here and now.”

“Abstract art is not how we see and hear in front of us. A beautiful landscape can tell a story and a portrait can tell us much about the sitter and their part in history but painting a representation of how we perceive our world – how we communicate, feel, hope and dream – is very different.”

With these information about abstract painting, my interest grew of what the message of the painting is. My classmate told me that it’s an image of cello because he likes stringed instruments, and there’s a little bit of a realism in it but more of an abstract. I asked for the opinion of an office mate, who’s a Fine Arts graduate, a father and already on his 40s, and showed him the picture of the painting. My office mate liked the painting and found it really good. He showed me where the cello in the painting was. A little bit confused, I searched for an image of the cello in the Internet (I know what cello looked like, it’s just that the image was refreshed when I saw it in the picture rather than imagining what it looked liked from my memory). Then that’s when I saw the image of cello in the painting. I was so happy! It’s like I was able to solve a very difficult puzzle. I appreciate the painting more than ever. I really like it.

Abstract painting is extraordinary. The person who will look at an abstract painting will be challenged to be able to get the message of the work.

Thanks Juneri for this beautiful painting. 🙂

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