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It was exactly one month when I traveled to Australia. There are a lot of firsts. But the most obvious is my first trip outside the Philippines. I first set foot in Malaysia for a connecting flight, and that’s for 9 hours and made a city tour for almost 5 hours. Looking back when I enrolled in the Graduate School on November 2013 for my MBA, I was a newbie, I didn’t know what subjects to take, and it’s like my adviser was being impatient to me because it took me few minutes to choose the subjects. When I stumble at the subject, International Trade and Business, I chose it, it’s like there’s a voice in my mind that says, “Take it!”. The reason is because when I see the word “international”, I knew I will learn a lot from that subject because the focus will be the countries outside the Phlippines. Ever since, I really wanted to travel to other countries, without me knowing that subject will be the door to one of my goals. Australia is such a lovely country. I fell in love with the people, their transportation, with the convenience of life, the scenery, landmark, art and history. The people are so kind, so helpful and such a smiley. When you look at their faces, they will give you a nice smile. Maybe beyond all the wonderful sight seeings, and new places I visited, the highlight is our meeting with the Philippine consul in Melbourne, Ma’am Gigi. She is a steward in her profession. She has given an above and beyond service to the Filipinos in Melbourne. What touched my heart and soul is her way of coming up with a decision towards her work. She is praying and asking for discernment to God for all the decisions that she will be making. I love her inspiring stories about the hardships of the Filipinos just to provide a good life to their families left in the Philippines. One advise she gave is for a Filipino that’s having a hard time because of a personal problem. Her advice is, “Whenever you are hurting and in pain, just look at the cross and you’ll see Jesus. He saved us from all our sins, so your pain is nothing compared to Jesus’ pain in the cross.” I nearly cried when I heard that. She is such an inspiration. I will never forget that moment.


When I was in the Ferry, looking at the beauty of Sydney, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Why am I here?” Not the superficial answer, but the answer that’s deep within my heart. Because there are still uncertainties in my heart at that time. I did not spoil the moment, and just forget that senti question, and just focus on the view. I couldn’t believe it was real. The post card of Sydney that I was looking when I was young is true, because I am seeing it in front of me, the bridge, the opera house, etc.



I would love to go out and see the world while single. Travelling will open your mind to other cultures, people, and experiencing it first hand will draw understanding of the realities of life. This experience removed my fear to travel outside the Philippines.That I can go the next level which is travelling to another continent. Looking back when I applied in the graduate school last year, I have lots of fears, but conquering those fears are really worth it. Had I surrendered to those fears, I would not experience this, I wouldn’t meet new friends, and I will be stuck in my life thinking what could have been if I do this, do that, I wouldn’t learn, and I will have regrets. The decision feels so right and life is unfolding in every step with so many wonderful opportunities. Thank you God for the courage and strength.

More fears to conquer. You’ll never know it until you do it. 🙂

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