Experiencing life without conditions.

It’s been almost 1 year since I last posted. So what happened in that year? Well, so much more of knowing and finding myself, taking a break, becoming unattached with other things to give way for new opportunities, making a decision, taking a risk, reading books, magazines and articles to validate thoughts. I really miss writing. Whether you believe it or not, during that year, I was reading my articles in this blogsite, and it made me happy and motivated because majority of my posts are very positive, exactly what I needed during times of uncertainty and setbacks. Those are the thoughts that I would like to be told to myself if I am low-spirited and feeling weak.

I will be writing more in the coming weeks, a lot of new experience, insights and realization from everyday life. I was reading a book review from Amazon.com, and I got this phrase straight to my heart, “experiencing life without conditions”. I’ve been too sentimental before because I was expecting that life will give me things that I want. In a certain book review, it was suggested to live in the moment, give without expecting anything in return, and by that, we will avoid the drama that comes from expectations. Just enjoy life, give what you can and what you have. Give and give and give without any conditions.

What keeps me busy lately? I’ve started attending graduate school and next week, our class is scheduled for an academic tour in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. I’m excited for my first out of the country experience. Will blog about it once back. I know my life is not 100% harmonious right now, as there have been some challenges, but I am just so positive and excited for what is yet to come and what life still has to offer me. It is true. The best is yet to come.

My theme for this new year is, ┬áLovely 2014! ­čÖé

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