My Prison Visit’s reflection

Just want to share my personal experiences and realizations during our monthly Prison service. I had the thought of reliving the moments inside the Medium Security Camp after our chapter’s first Prison service for this year, 2013.  The truth is, it is not only us who are helping them, but the opportunity to serve them is the one that is helping us to grow spiritually and live life with a purpose.

One line struck me when I was reading the book “The Purpose Driven Life” last year, “The fear of what we might discover if we honestly faced our character defects keeps us living in the prison of denial”. I have been in the prison of denial for years. There are things that I do not want to do, change I do not want to try, problems I do not want to solve, and broken relationships that I do not want to fix, all because I have lived in fear. This experience gave me a lot of lessons that can help unleash the “ME”, the “ME” that is hiding.

A friend told me to watch the movie, “The Perks of being a Wallflower”.  Well, I haven’t watched that movie, but I remembered my friend telling me about the wallflower, so during our Chapter Prayer Assembly, the design of my guiding star has a flower at the middle. I think I have an idea about that movie, I can sense its story but I’ll reserve the topic until I watch it.  Just like any flower, we all want to bloom in life, to serve our highest potential, and just be the best that we can be, not for anyone but for ourselves, and then bringing back to God all the blessings we received.

Here is my guiding star, with things to improve in my spiritual, family, work, health and personal life. 🙂

guiding star_CPA

P.S. I reposted my reflections during our Prison Visit last year, which were from our SFC Chapter’s blog.

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