Breakthrough 2011… Awesome 2012… And looking forward for a Colourful 2013

Starting 2011, I had an idea of thinking of an adjective for the current year. Two years ago, I called it, “Breakthrough 2011” because my life had a 360 degrees turn when I started to live out my heart’s desire to grow spiritually and to reconnect with God, this all happened when I became part of a spiritual community. That opportunity became the biggest break in my life because I learned a lot about God, my faith, I get to know myself more and what I believe in, I get to reach out to others in any way I can.

In spite of all the strength I acquired, challenges and struggles are always present. I’m still human and made mistakes, as well as wrong decisions. But I have no regrets because if I didn’t do those things, I will not experience the consequences, and will not learn. Then came “Awesome 2012”. I can say this is not the best year for me, but sincerely, I’m still thanking God everyday for the learning, teachings that will always remind me that the best is yet to come. I remembered the questions in the back cover of the book I’m reading. “When our heart’s in the right place, why do we keep getting hurt?” “When we want so much to succeed, why are we often disappointed?”  The message of the book is to listen, to dig deeper, and look within our hearts. According to the book, sometimes the self is our biggest enemy, because we want so much that is beyond what we can achieve, we are giving so much that is beyond what we can give, that’s why we always end up being unhappy. I just started reading that book, so more of the learning next time, when I already finish it. Oftentimes, there is a driving force in what we do. Then I realized, if God is the reason for everything we do, we will never feel disappointed. Awesome lessons they are!

At work, whenever I commit mistakes, (because I just started), the trainer and my supervisor always say after telling me the right thing to do, “Moving forward…” They don’t deal with your mistakes much, and with your past, but will always make you learn and use it in the future so mistakes will be lessened. So “moving forward” this coming year, I will call it “Colourful 2013”. Yesterday, when I was looking at my clothes, I loved and imagined myself wearing colourful clothes. So it gave me an idea of looking forward for a colourful life next year. Painting the town red, happy colours, pastels, I’m aiming for happy thoughts, happy deeds, happy disposition, happy feelings and happy memories. More time for my family and self, discovering and realizing my dreams and knowing where my heart belongs.  More household meetings with my lower group. More time for my loved ones. Stable, back office and daytime job after this seasonal work. To dance, to exercise, and to write more. To learn to cook more. To change for the better.  There’s no wrong in changing for as long as it’s for the better. More explorations of our country, more traveling. More time with God, less talk and being silent to hear Him. I need to do time management more.  Prioritization more.

Happy COLOURS… Let’s apply them to life.

Just like this image, life can be as sour as lemon, but we can make it colourful still.

Colourful lemon

Colourful lemon

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