Reality Check

I again had numerous realizations when I was talking to a friend last night. The road to our dreams is not easy. During high school, you just write them, lay down all your dreams in a piece of paper, then hold on to it till you graduate high school, go to college and have your bachelor’s degree. You will know the real world when you are already working. You will experience lots of difficulties, stress, pressure, challenges, etc. You will be pushed to the limit until a thought will enter you mind, saying “I want to give up”. But a thought is just a thought unless you entertain it. As long as it doesn’t run into your system, particularly in your mind, it’s nothing.

These past few weeks till now, I have to be honest, I am pressured. Not only at work, but in some other aspects of my life. When you look at me, I look fine, but deep inside, things are battling inside my head. So I need some inspirational thoughts.

When I read a good point from newspaper, magazines, books, etc., I write them down in my journal. Here’s one I read a few years ago from an Advertising magazine. An inspiring message which is a part of the valedictory address of Mikaela Fudolig, 16 years old, who graduated Summa Cum Laude (BS Physics) at the University of the Philippines .


Take not the road less traveled.

Rather, make new roads,

Blaze new trails,

Find new routes to your dreams.

We may not know

How far we can go.

But if we are brave,

defiant searchers of excellence,

we will go far.

Explore possibilities,

that others may get a similar chance.

-True enough. Let us not be discouraged if life doesn’t turn out the way we dream of it to be. If plans are not met, don’t stop. Instead, strive more. Let’s have courage to continue to fight in the battle that we’re into. Never ever give up.

Plus, we have our God who loves us. 🙂

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