Still in One Way

I have the desire to write now but I can’t think of a topic to discuss. I will just type everything that’s going through my mind.

Let’s talk about transition. If we thought of what life is waiting for us 20 years from now, we wouldn’t mind it, the far future. Twenty years… We would thought of it as a long term vision, but when I look back in my life, time happens so fast. Transition happens, we just don’t see it happening. We only realize it when it’s done. And we get amazed of the significant changes physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.


Every phase of our lives has transitions. As we go through every circumstances, it leaves a mark in our hearts and memory.

Whenever I play the songs “Still” and “One Way”, (the only two songs I remembered when I was still a participant in the CLP), I remember my old self. Happy but not happy, sad but not sad (if you could read between the lines). Feeling empty and searching for the purpose of my existence. Before, there were moments of tears, longingness and emptiness. “Still” is such a heartfelt song. The memories of who I was before are brought back together, the purposeful searching, the sleepwalking, the long stare in the nothingness but then, realizing I am now brought to “One Way”.


The way towards Jesus.

One of the million questions is being answered momentarily.

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