Green thumb

I can still remember a story in my reading book in grade 2 entitled Green thumb. The story is about a girl named Maria. Maria is known to her barrio as a lady with a green thumb. It is, that whatever she plants, will grow abundantly. With the fascination from that story and with my young and innocent mind, I’ve always wanted to be like Maria. Having the skills to plant and grow flowers and vegetables. I had the idea, but I just can’t give my 100% in fulfilling that goal. I tried, but sometimes I procrastinate. So sad…

But hey, when I went home to the province this Christmas vacation, I noticed in our backyard the pineapple leaves I planted several years ago (3 years ago I think). It has grown larger and longer. It’s now more than 12 inches tall. When I planted it, it was only like 3 inches tall. I don’t know anyone being able to plant pineapple in Nueva Ecija. Pineapple is known to be harvested in Bukidnon. Now, I’m still waiting for my little pineapple to bear a fruit. If it happens, I’ll record and update it only here. No matter how small the fruit it bears, I would be so happy to eat and share it to my family. I’ll be proud to have planted a pineapple, all by myself.

Here’s my pineapple tree. =)


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