Today… I am twenty-three.

Few days ago, again I felt something strange. It was a usual day for me. I woke up 7 in the morning, had my breakfast, took a bath, prepare myself to work. In the office, a client asked me what is the date. I looked at the calendar, and I was a little bit “shocked” to see that it was already December 1, 2011.  Let me clarify this, I am logical that time. =p But it was only then I realized that it’s been almost a year since my 22nd birthday. Time flies so fast, especially when we are enjoying. Now, it has been a year. Twelve months of complex dreams, opportunities, emotions, feelings and adventures were gained before my 23rd birthday.  And I’m sure, there will be a lot more exciting ones in the coming days, months and years.

A while ago, an officemate surprised me and gave a gift before I left the office. A letter was inside it, and when I read it on my way to Loreto Church via LRT, I got teary-eyed when I read these specific lines: “Stay good =) Hindi for me… But for the Man who died for us.”

Another reflection a few days were these lines I read from Bo Sanchez’s blog. It says:
God didn’t create you for you.
God created you for others.
You’re not here in this planet for yourself.
You’re here to be a rich blessing to others.

Being selfless. Lord, thank you for another blessed year for me.  My best year so far.

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