My first project

Last Nov. 13, 2011, I attended the Powerpoint and Moviemaker workshop organized by another SFC chapter, from 1-B.  It was so generous of them to share their knowledge and expertise in this area. I learned a lot, coming from someone whose course in college was completely not related to computers and its applications. I now have an idea on how to navigate the ribbon toolbar in the powerpoint and moviemaker.  I was so impressed in Windows Live Moviemaker. My! It was so easy to use. After the workshop, I got excited in making my first movie /or music video. I just finished one before making this post. To all experts who’ll see this, I think this isn’t bad for a beginner. =) Enjoy!

***Ooops! I’m having a hard time uploading the video. And it’s late in the evening. Will upload it tomorrow.

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