Weather I like it or not…

Let me describe first the weather. Today’s Sunday, about 4pm in the afternoon. And I haven’t seen the sun shine this day. It’s been raining for most of the morning. And now, the rain has stopped, and was replaced by a cloudy weather. Or should I describe it as a gloomy weather. I say it, a kind of day I both like and dislike. Externally, i like, but internally, i dislike. Did you get it?

I like for the simple reason of the comfort it gives. The feeling of a cold breeze touching our skin. Since I don’t live in luxury of aircon in the house, so this weather is a good energy saving method for us not to use electric fan anymore, so less electricity consumption. It’s also nice to sleep in the night surrounded with cold breeze. But as I look at my window this time, what I see is a lonely view of nature (well, for my own perspective). A wet surrounding, with no children playing in the streets, lots of empty spaces, no voice of children laughing. It’s like there’s no wind, and the leaves of the trees seemed to have no life, it’s just stagnant. I’m used to seeing the leaves and trunks of the trees being swayed by the strong wind. And now, it’s just blank. And so is my mood.When it rained a while ago, I thought my heart will cry too.

Well I just I have to thank God for this weather. The rain was not so destructive as what happened during other typhoons.

I’m hoping to see sunshine, blue sky, and rich fluffy clouds tomorrow.

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