Where’s my True North?

There is a big difference in me now. For the past months and weeks, I’ve been attending a lot of seminars, conferences, CLPs, dinner with friends, out of town travel,etc. I’ve been living and experiencing the “what-is-so-called-life”. I’m no longer a home-buddy. And I love it. I’m learning a lot. Those moments brought so much happiness in me. My life was okay before, but it became so much better this year. Last June 25, 2011, I attended a seminar with one of my friend. It’s entitled, “The Art of Being a Woman and other lost virtues”. It was a conference organized and sponsored by the Christ Commission Fellowship, a Christian church. The conference is not about religion but about being a single woman. So it’s open for all single ladies, regardless of religion. Some of the topics that were discussed are Purity, Modesty, Strong work ethics, Pursue Inner Beauty, Pursue Excellence.  There was a style show, makeover session, a talk show about what’s on a guy’s mind. In one topic, the speaker said that a person has to find his/her True North. What is True North? This is the area on a person’s life where he/she is good at. And we should spend 10,000 hours doing things we’re good at. I wondered that time, “Where is my True North?, Where am I good at?, What do I do best?”. I really don’t know.  But I know of a person who already knew where he’s good at. He’s not verbalizing that he likes this or that. But through actions it shows. He’s good in music. And he even shares it to others. And I know that the more you share your talent, the more you gain knowledge. It’s amazing that in the stage of his life right now, he was able to discern what he really wants to do and where he’s good at. Some people spent years and almost their entire lifetime knowing and finding where they should be. I’m on my early 20s. I’m already a young adult, and this stage is usually, the peak of mental and physical capabilities of one person. But this is also the time where the person is in search of who he/she really is. They say the biggest question of a man is, “Who am I?”. Pero ako, my biggest question is, “Bakit ganito?”. Each day I wake up, I’ve been finding out answers to some of my questions in mind, direct answers, indirect answers, and some, by reading between the lines. It’s true when they say, you wouldn’t know it, you wouldn’t understand it, until you live it. You wouldn’t know life unless you experience it yourself. LIFE is beautiful. And the mystery of what’s gonna happen in the future remains still. But let’s forget about the future. What’s important is the present because it will be the basis of our future. Deal with the present okay. I like the tag line in ETC channel 9, “Young and loving it”. I’ll enjoy being young. This is the time to fulfill my dreams. I have a lot of childhood dreams that’s still vividly in my mind. The course of my life may have taken a different path, but my ultimate dream has to happen. It has to happen regardless of finding or not finding my True North. It’s something special. My ultimate dream. =)

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