Going back. Looking back.

When I was young, it was only in my imagination to see a sunset. It was all over our art class. My teacher would made us draw and paint beautiful scenery and the example always given was a view of a rice farm, with a sun smiling behind the twin mountains, together with fluffy clouds, wild birds, lush green trees, clear flowing river, a simple hut and abundant grass. I remembered last Christmas when I went home to our province in Entablado, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, the place I had spent 16 years of my life. I had a feeling of wanting to explore my hometown more. So I ride on my bike, alone, and brought my camera with me. There were lots of changes that I had noticed. The road was already cemented and there was already a health center in our barrio. Yehey! I was happy to see some developments in my simple barrio. When it comes to simplicity of the people’s lives, our barrio will be in the list. Some houses are made of nipa hut and I can still see farmers with their carabaos crossing the road. Some are going house to house to sell their freshly-picked vegetables. I had a stopover of my biking journey in front of the river. My attention was caught with the sunset occurring that time. I was amazed by the picturesque view. My eyes sparkled at the moment. I didn’t notice all these years that the picture of beautiful scenery in my imagination during my art class was almost similar to what was right in front of our house. I failed to appreciate these things when I was still living in the province. And now that I appreciated it, I will always look forward to the day that I can go home again and watch the sunrise and sunset right through my eyes. The beauty is unimaginable. I can now picture myself appreciating nature more than ever. So many memories of mine was relived. My childhood days. The most carefree days of my life.



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