No more fears…

Two weeks ago, a friend told me to read a book written by the inspirational speaker and writer, Bo Sanchez. It’s about finding your one true love. Before I got involve in Singles for Christ, I have no idea of who Bo Sanchez is. I got curious with him because my SFC friends are always talking about him and the content of his books. And it caught my attention when one of my friends said that a woman has a responsibility in finding her one true love. So when I went to mall two Sundays ago, I dropped by the bookstore to buy Bo Sanchez’s book, “How to find your one true love Volume 1”. When I read some of the captions on its cover before buying, it drew excitement in me. So even if it’s quite expensive, I never had a thought of not buying it. After I bought it, I can’t get it out of my mind. I was so excited to read it. Actually, after purchasing it, I would like to read it right there and then. But I was carrying lots of things and I still need to go to the grocery. So I controlled my excitement until I came home. I arrived at 6pm, the first thing I did at home was to cook our dinner. After that, I brought down my laundry from the rooftop to hang it inside for it to dry ‘cause it’s rainy outside. Then I wash our dishes and ate dinner. My weekend is really jam packed with household chores and my only time to read is if I’ll go to bed. That Sunday night, I started reading the book. But what I only read was the cover, teaser, introduction, preface, and about the author. It was past 12am, already sleepy and there’s the thought of waking up early in the morning for my work. So I held my excitement. I closed the book, turned off the light, said my prayer and had a wonderful and restful sleep.

When I arrived at work, I told my officemate of my discovery of a wonderful book even if I haven’t yet read its chapters. And just like me, they also got curious, and told me they would want to borrow it after.

There are 8 chapters in that book, and on Monday night I finished reading the 5 chapters. I was able to finish the remaining 3 chapters before going to work on Wednesday. On Tuesday night, I prepared the things that I’ll bring to my trip to Cebu that Friday. I only read two chapters that night. The last chapter, I read after waking up on Wednesday and before going up on bed. But wait, I haven’t read the two appendixes, Appendix A and Appendix B. I had an idea to read the two appendixes on my way to work. Where? In my jeepney ride. I have 2 jeepney rides on my way to work. And yes! I finished reading the two appendixes before going to work.

It was funny when I was reading that Monday night. I couldn’t help but laugh with the situations that were illustrated by Bo Sanchez. I told myself, “This is so me! Haha!”

Okay…. I have many realizations. And here they are: First: I won’t fear to fall in love. I will forget past hurts, unfortunate experiences, rejection, basta, all the bad experiences that I had in the past. I will now risk in loving because it says in the book, “if there’s no risk, there’s no growth”. And to summarize everything, I will always have this thought in mind- We create our destiny. We should take responsibility of our own future. Not just in love, but in everything that comprises LIFE.

In my previous post, I wrote that I’m afraid to fall in love. But now, not anymore. I’ll enjoy everything that will happen in my life. Take my singleness as a blessing from God and as a chance to hone myself in every aspect. I’ll travel with my family, go out with friends, keep myself busy, learn new skills and languages (I want to learn Mandarin and the native language Bisaya), meet new friends, and harbor  wonderful experiences everyday.

And above all, I will give my 100% TRUST in God.

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