I was hurt.

Something happened to me last Friday that added another impact in my life. It’s true that words can be so damaging. And heartbreaking. Hearing damaging words that time hurt me so much. I was controlling and preventing myself not to cry but the “words” said were really really really painful. My tears fell when I was riding the jeepney. I just can’t help it even if I was controlling my emotions. One passenger who was sitted beside was looking at me. I tried to act as if I have a cough and cold. If I could only prevent my tears from falling, I would. I wish the person who uttered those words know that he hurt me. At home before going to sleep, when I thought of what had happened, I burst into crying. I let myself release the hurt I was feeling that time.  I cried so hard.

In life, it’s really inevitable to meet people who’ll hurt you. But I know, I can overcome this. I wish I can forget this right away. I hope it won’t be deposited in the bank of memory that never forgets.

I am praying to God to help me forgive and and to take away the pain that person caused in my heart. I don’t wanna have grudges.

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