A day at Villa Escudero

In a few hours away from the Metro, is a place where you can relax, unwind and forget the worries and stress from the fast-paced and busy lives of the urban area. Located at San Pablo City is the Hacienda Escudero. It is a farm built, preserved and maintained by the Escudero family wayback 1950s. I was there because I joined our company outing.  And since I love to travel and to discover the places that I’ve never been, I was so willing and excited to join our summer outing. And just the thought of being able to breathe fresh air from the province, see coconut trees, river, jungle, hear the sound of rushing water from the falls (although theirs is only man made), I couldn’t get more excited. When we arrived, the program automatically turned to games prepared by the organizers. And a good way to start the outing was to play native Filipino games. We played Palo Sebo, Nag divisoria si Maria and Pukpok Palayok. I appreciated the way organizers prepared these kind of games despite the fact that lives in the Metro are being bombarded by the digital world.

The venue was so refreshing. It was nice to just walk, close the eyes and breathe some fresh air. It was as though, you are inhaling something that makes you feel good inside. It was a day full of laughter, excitement, fascination as well as hi’s and hello’s from acquaintances and colleagues.

After the games, we proceeded to the buffet lunch which is one of the attractions of the Villa Escudero. I think the one and only tourist destination where you eat with a sound of water nearby and one’s feet dipped in the water, another refreshing feeling.

Me and my 4 batchmates, whom I miss a lot, had get together. My two batchmates were my companion that time. We just enjoyed the place. We did a carabao ride, had a museum tour, strolled in the place, had a long, nice walk, and took a LOT of pictures. It was so much fun! My happiness radiated in my smile. My normal smile is just blank, but here, even my eyes said I was happy.

One employee of the villa said the place was more or less 40 hectares. I was fascinated with their museum. I kept wondering how the Escudero’s preserved every artifacts, even their love letters to each other, their old clothes, the different kinds of animals, the gold and bones found from digging, etc. The items in the museum I can say are considered treasures. And I’m sure, they are also considered as one by the Escuderos. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed that’s why there are no pictures inside the museum in this post.

If you’re a nature lover and enjoys the ambiance of farm, you should put Villa Escudero to the list of your travel destinations.

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