On my way to Him

What a nice feeling it is to walk,

With a sound of music in your ears,

Wearing comfortable clothing,

And feeling the breeze of air going through your hair.

Your closed your eyes

And took a deep breath

You walked slowly

and feel the music

That’s the kind of serenity you’re longing to have

A priceless moment,

On your way to loving God.

You hate the way the sun shines

Giving you much sweat

It’s uncomfortable.

You hate your shoes,

As it was too fit on your toes

All experienced on the way to Him.

And when the heavy rain pours

There’s a fear in you to be trapped

As you had experienced it before.

Then you prayed for the rain to cease

And it did.

They say, that rain is a blessing from heaven.

And so you will be blessed.

You are sometimes hesitant to come

Because of the long walk and distance

But the journey is always worth it in the end

Because you have them, your new confidant, they are many.

But most specially,

You have Him

Not only in your mind,

But you carry Him in your heart, as well.

He was there to guide you in going home

To keep you awake as you travel

He’s a voice in your head that speaks for your safety

It’s the price of wanting Him to be in your life

Your dedication will be paid of.

And now, after you came home from Him

You have enjoyed the day.

As half the world is sleeping,

You stare at the window,

Overlooking the stars and a beautiful house.

Darkness covers everything

as it also hides the moon.

But your faith will not be hidden.

No matter what

Because you praise Him.


I graduated from CFC Singles for Christ, last April 9, 2011. I was invited by my high school friend. I’ve said before that after the Lord’s day, I won’t attend the future CLPs anymore as it affects my Saturday night life, not really a gimmick life, but everything about my Saturday life, as I thought before of Saturdays and Sundays as my rest days, so I prefer to just stay at home, sleep, relax and destress. But all of a sudden, I just found myself preparing to go to St. Jude and attending the next CLP. The reason is because the Lord has touched my life. I’ve read in one blog that, “You should make the words that are coming out of your mouth, sweet, so as when you eat them, they taste better”. It’s true. I’m actually eating the words that I said before. Because now, I’d like to give my service to SFC. The whole Christian Life Program is a great experience to me and to everyone else in the community. Becoming an SFC member is one of the greatest gift I’ve received this year.

The poem is my actual experience a while ago, going to St. Jude to attend the Christian Life Program Talk 2. On my way to St. Jude, the weather was hot. Then when I arrived at the venue, heavy rain pours, together with lightning. I was so scared because I’ve experienced to be stranded before in Morayta after a heavy rain. It was the time when I was invited by my another high school friend to attend worship led by Korean students. I was in third year college then. There’s flood, that’s why jeepneys can no longer cross the road. So, me and the other passengers just walked and I arrived in our home almost midnight.

And the night time in the poem is my actual experience now. There’s the silence of the night. The silence is so mysterious. This is a perfect time for another reflection.

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