HEROISM, from a student’s point of view.

Heroism has always been a subject for our grade school teachers to teach in us, the hero’s values, the lessons based on their experiences, words of wisdom that our teachers want to inculcate in our young minds. Even though at that time, I haven’t understood yet the value of what they did for our independence, for our country and from where the nation is heading, what I can remember is that, I was listening to my teachers and studying it because it’s something that has to be done. It’s a requirement, a compulsory thing, which I had to accomplish. My view of heroism when I was young is that, heroes have done a remarkable act for us Filipinos, to enjoy the freedom that we have now. Equipped with qualities specifically overt in them, they had turned impossible dreams to reality. Heroes were brave because they fought with all their might for our freedom even if such act may take their lives. But now, I view heroism as something innate in every person. I thought before that only few people can be a hero, that I cannot be a hero. But right now, I realized that heroism with in us can manifest in a lot of situations. In our own little way, we can touch people’s lives and to dig deeper, we can also touch their hearts. It has always been something we look forward to do, consciously in our minds, to help other people, in the best way possible.

I know in myself that I am not a quitter. I am a fighter. As much as how I wanted to give up things, but because of the drive, motivation and reinforcement from the external environment, I just cannot give up easily. At this time, my view before of what a hero is, has already changed, as the changed of century has occurred. With poverty, economic, social and political crises striking the country at this time, and with the increase in unemployment rate and recession, how can an ordinary Filipino survive this ordeal? At one point in our lives, we had been in our lowest. A time when we cannot find strength from ourselves, even from the people around us, a time when we cannot find even a slight hope for a brighter future, but we were able to overcome that because we want to continue living. I am a person who doesn’t want to be stuck in one direction. I wanna try different fields. I’ll finish college; will strive harder than before, for me to be able to find a good job. With that, I won’t be included in the number of Filipinos unemployed. We, people should have a change of belief. We should want to be successful not only because we’re doing it for ourselves and family but also because we’re doing it for our country. We should try to settle issues, first, with in ourselves. After doing that, you’ll start to notice that you can open your heart to everyone and that makes you realize the importance of our responsibility to help other Filipinos. Let us inspire each other to be a good Filipino and to do good to other Filipinos.***

I wrote this essay when I was a 4th year college student. Back in my college days, we were asked of what our view of heroism is. In the subject “Life and works of RizaI”, I’ve come to admire Jose Rizal more. He was indeed worthy to be called a national hero. I haven’t met or known a person, at such a young age who has an idealism as strong as that of Rizal. He’s a good writer. A substantial writer.

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